I miss you


I am MISSING you. So much. I know that you are having a great time overseas, travelling, and working and having the time of your life. But ever since I have been back home I have been MISSING you. Yes capital letter missing you!

I loved the lucky time we got to spend together. Those special 10 nights we had a month ago now. I loved being able to share clothes, and earrings, and rings and BOOTS and coats, to eat bread with SO much butter, drink champagne and laugh. But most of all to see you with Daisy. To see how much she loved you. I know that she must have known that you were special to me, part of me. I know how much of an impact you had on her because she still asks me if “Sue Sue” will be there whenever I tell her about somewhere special we are going.

I have been thinking a lot lately about expanding our little family. About adding another. And when I think about that, when I think about giving Daisy a brother or sister all I have to do is think of you. Not just you. All of you. Sam and Sarah too and what you all mean to me, about the times we had together and I just know that the right thing to do is give Daisy what I was fortunate enough to have. Brothers and sisters, siblings and love and fights and a connection that lasts a lifetime. We have all grown up and have our own lives, and partners and some of us families, but most of all we have each other. And if I can give Daisy just a little of what we had – the games, the playing, the strong bond we still have then I will be a happy mother. For that’s the least I can do as a parent.

Come home soon. But don’t rush. Get what you need to do done. Enjoy this time. Soak it up. Relish in it. Drink it up (literally) because before too long you will be back home, in the grind, remembering just how good you had it. But know that when you get here we will be here. Waiting with open arms.

And until then. Well, I’ll just keep on missing you. Okay?

P.S I am unsure why my face looks the way that it does here…but pretend it is less hand up my arse and just happy. Okay?

Love Betty


  1. How to make a girl cry…You are just lovely. Love you betty xxx

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