Things to make me smile…

I have been trying to focus on the positives around here and not dwell too much on the fact that in a few weeks time I will no longer have a job – but a mortgage – anyway as I said…positives. And there are plenty of them.

A little girl…and her new bed! Fingers crossed on this one – we had our first night last night and it didn’t go so well but I think that was because she was overtired from the day. Long story…but let’s say I put the cot down early, then the truck didn’t deliver it until 2, then I had to put it together and she was so excited that she didn’t sleep then she did at 3 but I had to wake her…blah blah blah…let’s hope after she gets some rest she can fully enjoy it. She did enjoy playing on it though. And look at it. And her. Could it be any sweeter?

Fresh flowers in the kitchen. I love having fresh flowers about and wonder why I don’t have them around more often. And leaning next to them? Oh they would be my tickets to a special preview screening of Australia on tomorrow afternoon. YAY! Thanks Kate for both of these x

A singing Daisy. In full flight. With actions to the song she is singing. She has enthusiasm, and gusto beyond even me and I am told I have bucket loads of each of these!


  1. What a fabulous bed, and a gorgeous little girl. So glad you enjoyed the film xx

    PS: There is only one place that Mad’s has picked up her ‘f’ word and it aint your house x

  2. Good call on the regular size bed! It gets easier to get them to sleep in it – trust me.

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