I want MUMMY!

Last night Daise woke about 15 minutes after we gone to bed (surprise surpise) and as I was laying there swearing under my breath, praying to whichever God was up for just ONE night where we could all sleep through the night, huffing and puffing and bitterly acknowledging that I would have to get up and settle and her and NOT be asleep, Rob went down into her room to try to settle her. She stopped crying as the door opened on the hope that I was coming to save her but then when she realised it was Rob she let out a perfect “I want Mummy” in between heaving sobs.

My heart just about broke. From both realising that he wasn’t going to cut it and I indeed was headed downstairs, but also from the sentence – a SENTENCE! And from hearing what I have known hundreds of times before in her cries – that she wants me. Needs me. I have known it, but to hear her say it, well, I was down those stairs quicker than before and had more patience and love for her than may times before. We were communicating together. There was no guess work. I could get EXACTLY what she wanted. I could ask a question – she could reply yes or no and I could explain to her that she needed to be in bed – that she was GOING to bed whether she liked it or not. I feel like we are about to go down a whole new road on this journey together.


  1. Oh that turns me into a useless puddle of goo EVERY TIME!!!

    Effective communication is priceless. How cute is it to hear her talk in full sentences in her little voice?

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