New Neighbour

So we now have a new neighbour. She seems friendly enough so we are happy with her seeing as she has moved in so close to our place.

Little Miss has a new house and look at it. Just look at it. Could it be any sweeter?

My sister got this for me a few weeks ago and came over Saturday morning to put it up (with the help of her twin boys and daughter Alice). Daise was a little overwhelmed at fist but then when she saw the little door that opens and closes, and opens and closes well, she was VERY happy with it indeed.

We had a great weekend at home and about – the weather was spectacular – warm and sunny on both days and it was just an all round sparkler! Saturday I had a leave pass to go and catch up with some girlfriends from school so I took it and ran with it! Many, many bottles of wine were consumed in the sunshine, and as I was the only one with a kid I felt like I was back in the carefree days of old. I stumbled in home at 8.30pm!

Sunday we had lunch with some friend’s at their beautiful home. They have a pool so all the kids (and Dad’s) went in for the first swim of the summer season. I think it was freezing – but Daisy had a great time. She played with new toys – and their new puppy Digby, and then on the jumping castle (that you may remember from our weekend away with them a few months ago). The girls had a ball and so did I.

I put a very happy (and exhausted) girl to bed Sunday night. I know that she must have had LOTS to dream about…a new house…swimming….hanging with Dad on Sat….and playing with puppies and friends AND jumping castles yesterday. Yes, a great weekend indeed!


  1. This is adorable!!

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