What a weekend!

Well what a weekend I have had. What a lucky lady! Rob managed to take Friday off work as well (this truly never ever happens) and we spent the day with his brother and sister in law and their 3 little girls which was great fun. They have the most amazing house and play room which has EVERY toy you could ever want to play with. I think I might have more fun than Daisy there playing with everything – so we had a great afternoon playing with the kids. Saturday Rob went and saw and movie and Daise and I hung at home. The afternoon and evening were also quiet, as it’s so cold at the moment it was spent in front of the fire with good wine and of course good food -I made a fab chorizo risotto and packed down. Pure bliss.

Sunday we were lucky enough to go to the zoo with the Nicholls family – Rob’s cousin Kate, her husband Simes and their little girl Maddie who is 4 months older than Daise. Kate had some fab free passes through her work and I hadn’t been to the zoo since a year 7 excursion many many years ago so was just as excited about it as the kids were. What a zoo as well! I am sure that there aren’t many around the world that have views like this one. The giraffes have the best view of all – in fact this may be a little silly as I am sure they could have had one out the back that they could stretch and see – and the day was perfectly sunny and warm(ish). Daisy was particularly impressed with the elephants but by the end of the day and after all the positive “ahh’s” from Rob and I she was pointing at indian miner birds (nasty rodent birds) and saying “ooooh Mumma”. My all time favourite part of the day was how excited the girls were about the statue of the elephants (even though the real ones were JUST there) and when we were looking at the seals and trying to pump up the girls and Mads just kept looking at her Upsy Daisy book (character from In The Night Garden) and said “Oh look at the Tombliboos!” with all the gusto she should have shown for the seals that were RIGHT there. Daisy was also EXHAUSTED by the end of it – she crashed in the car and went to bed early last night. She walked everywhere and copied and followed Maddie everywhere. They ran and laughed and just had the best time. And so did we.

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