The loveliest of long weekends

We are back from the BEST weekend away with our friends and their kids. Daisy had maybe the best weekend of her life playing her friends, and Mum and Dad for 3 days.

We got away Thursday afternoon (earlier than expected due to a head on accident Mum, Daisy and I were involved in Thursday morning on the harbour bridge – another story for later) at about 12.30. Daise was great in the car – played for about half of it and then slept for the other half (perfect combo) and got to the winery at about 4.30. The others arrived about 5 and then 6 – the kids had dinner and went to bed and the adults had a lovely night sitting by the fire sampling the case of wine we had from the vines out the front.

Friday morning we woke to a misty and cold day with drizzling rain. When we got a break in the weather we took the girls out on the back of the ute and saw cows and sheep while the Dad’s had turns on the quad bike. Daise LOVED it – I can’t tell you how happy she was – just beaming the whole time. After a long lunch and more playing – one of the couple had snagged a bargain of a jumping castle on ebay for just $200 and the girls played and played and especially wore themselves out (which was brillant). We started a big bonfire for dinner on Friday night – shanks cooked in the campfire and then a screening of one of Rob’s docos he has been working on. We sat around the fire with the girls, had a few wines and sang lots of songs with them all – they loved it! After bed we sat under the stars by the fire and chatted the night away.

Yesterday after a foggy morning the sun burnt through the mist and we saw the first sunny day we have had in about 2 weeks. It was magnificent to sit in the sun – I had Daisy’s shoes and socks off in no time and she loved to get some proper fresh air. It was Charlotte’s (2) and Nate (30 something) b’day’s so we had a little party – with pass the parcel, cupcakes and of course more jumping castle. And what celebration isn’t complete without some animal cooked over a spit roast? Pig and lamb over the fire for dinner – it was just fabulous. As we had to head back to Sydney earlier than the others as Rob had a shoot to do today (Sunday) we took one last ride on the ute and bike and saw some cows and took went to the Cellar door to pick up a case of wine to remember what fun we had. I truly think that Daise had the BEST time she has ever had – playing with the girls and having so many adventures. They are both obviously walking so she was trying her hardest to get around and seemed to have grown in other ways as well over the weekend – waving hello and goodbye to everyone and saying more than she ever has. And she was such a Daddy’s girl the whole time – wanted to be near Rob (and the bike) all weekend long. Rob and I loved it as well spending adult times with our friends to share time with them with their kids and be able to help each other out with the kids was great – although the age gap seems a bit now before long these girls will all be grown up doing concerts for us no doubt -I won’t forget this weekend in a long time!


  1. That sounds amazing! I am so jealous, it sounds perfect! I need to go look on Ebay right now for one of those castle things. How fun!

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