A trip to the show

We decided last week to dig in deep and take the kids to the Royal Easter Show for the day last Friday. We went with my Mum and Sister and her 3 kids – Alice (4), and the twins Liam and Lucas (2). We were all a little anxious about it because the kids could have turned feral at any given moment but they were all fantastic and I just had the best day! I think we were actually quite lucky as we went during the week when the crowds were down and there was no school holidays on.

Daisy loved seeing all the baby farm animals in the nursery – she could walk (well I could walk and carry her) through the baby goats and sheep and she saw little ducks and pigs and chicks – she was going crazy squealing with delight at it all. I even managed to get on a few rides with Alice and pick up some showbags. I felt like a kid again and it was great! We will definitely be going back next year – we will try and make a family tradition of it if we can.

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