30 weeks

Week 30 has arrived and it all seems to be going so fast now. 10 weeks to go almost only 2 months – how have I been pregnant for this long??? And how has this all gone so quickly???

Feeling fantastic – heaps of energy and feeling good every day. I must say that at the end of the day there are a few more aches and pains as Reg is getting bigger. I can feel him/her so much these days which is lovely but I have had to ask on a few occasions that they calm down because I need to sleep! Doesn’t really work – I guess it’s getting me prepared for plenty of non co-operation in the next few months or years!

Thought I would put in some 30 week shots taken last night as well as our Christmas lights that Rob has put up at home. The house looks great and we are really getting into the Christmas spirit – we will be getting our first Christmas tree this weekend and I can’t wait to decorate it. Something with the pregnancy hormones but every carol seems to have more meaning and there have been plenty of tears as well.

Off to the doctor again tomorrow for our 2 weekly check up and then only 2 weeks left at work before a 2 week break over Christmas. I really can’t wait for that I have to say. I also have my baby shower on next Sunday 17th which should be good fun. How did this all come around so quickly???

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