12 weeks and First vomit – nice!

Well what I thought would have been our 12 week mark on Saturday also bought with it my first official morning sickness/baby related vomit. Then again last night (but it was more of a gag related smell thing to do with congealed fat ina griller – nice!) I know that you all wanted to know about that. I was not pleased with that at all – but am grateful that I haven’t been sick the whole way through.

We got a new bed on the weekend as well as Rob’s bachelor $300 futon is just not cutting it with my expanding stomach and uncomfortable sleeping that has been happening. We get it on Friday. We will also be moving rooms – giving Reginald the front room and moving into the second room. How funny that we will have to start to create a space for this little thing. Other than that not much else to report on. Thank you for all your well wishes and kind words. Will keep you up to date with the next scan on Thursday – we will hopefully have some more snaps as well!

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