Monday meal ideas: Cake! Because: Cake!

Given it's birthday week ahead of us here in the BabyMac household, what better way to celebrate a birthday then to bake a cake! I have a long history of birthday cakes in this household, you can check our the full history of my Women's Weekly repertoire for the girls over the years in this post … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: that shopping staple…chicken

Hello there Monday! Instead of getting cranky about seeing you again so soon (but seriously, how SO soon?!) I am going to embrace you as the one day of the week where I get the most STUFF done. In fact, I had an online shopping delivery this morning at 6.05am. See? Stuff done! The one thing that is … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Pasta

I will tell you something for nothing: there is NO place like home. None! For a homebody like me, I am feeling very happy to be home with every member of our family under the one roof. I bet today I will spend the day restoring order and baking and making a delicious home cooked meal for everyone … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week family cooking

Monday morning again? HOW?! After a busy weekend of socialising I am happy to be here with a regular Monday ahead of me, piles of washing and a busy week to get stuck into. It's our first full week of the term so I will be looking for simple family meals that we usually eat. I'm talking standard … [Read more...]

Winter warmer: slow cooked lamb shoulder

I've woken up this morning in sunny Brisbane after a warm winter's night - I arrived yesterday afternoon in 24 degree perfection. Queensland you certainly do winter right! Unlike the Highlands that has been in a permanent state of below zero to tops of about 10-12 every day. That said, I … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: the humble roast

I slow roasted a delicious lamb on the weekend and was reminded of just how good the humble roast can be. Whether it's over coals, slow and low or hot and fast there is something magical that happens with an oven and a piece of meat. Simple perfection! Here's some of my favourite recipes for … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Soup {with pasta or noodles}

Brrrrr it's chilly in the Highlands this morning. It has a distinct Monday morning feeling about it but I am determined to hold onto a little of that holiday relaxation that I managed to enjoy so much all last week. We've still got another week of school holidays here so it looks like it will be a … [Read more...]

Have a cold? Try a hot toddy!

Is there sickness going around your place at the moment? As sure as we reach the end of term 2, there will ALWAYS be sickness in our house. I know this because I trawled back through the blog to find this recipe, and it's practically to this day, from years ago that I shared it last. We've had a … [Read more...]

Monday Meal ideas: Winter Warmers

The ice is thick on the cars and ground this morning, it's winter (and for me) it feels SO good to be alive. The cold is invigorating don't you think? The seasons never get old to me, I love all they have to offer in their own ways and right now it's rugging up and staying warm. There was an icy … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Country classics

Such a glorious winter's morning here today. It's cold, but the sun is shining, washing drying in the gentle breeze and #maintenancemonday in full swing. When I thought about country life before we moved here, it looked a little like this. Here's some country classics for your baking this week. I … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Ocean treats

It's so easy to get into the same old weekly eating habits. I rarely choose fish when I am on auto pilot, and yet when I am really focused on eating well and trying to make good food choices, I always find myself choosing fish and seafood as a way to get delicious food onto plates with little … [Read more...]

Comfort+ on a cold day: chicken & veggie soup

How's the weather been the last few days? Around these parts it's been called what is officially known as "bloody freezing" with yesterday not moving much past 7 or 8 degrees all day. We bunkered down fireside with Harps home from school with a cold and Maggie complaining "I sick too Mumma, sore … [Read more...]

Everyone’s a winner with BRINNER!

Last week I had one of "those" afternoons. Or maybe it was a stretch of days. Who knows when you have a 2 year old around. All I do know is that by 4.55pm it was dinner time, the kids were circling and I had NO idea what we were cooking for dinner, or how in fact I had created 3 extra humans that … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: chorizo classics

There's nothing I love more than chorizo. Choirzo by itself, chorizo fried up and eaten as is, or with haloumi or in a salad or fried up onto of soup. I do believe that the addition of chorizo into a normal day can improve it by at least 45%, that's how confident I am about it. My friend Miss … [Read more...]

Monday meal idea: bubbling, warming meals

My goodness it's a little fresh out there this morning. A biting wind blowing with the temp close to zero. It looks like it's going to be sunny, but cold all week. Perfect for some bubbling, simmering stove top dinners that can be prepped in the middle of the day and then either bubble away or … [Read more...]

Sunshiny Autumn mornings & date scones

How's this autumn weather at the moment? At home it has been SO good (despite a little extra wind yesterday blowing some cooler temps our way) but for the next week it's all sunshine, blue skies, warm days of 15 degrees and cooler at night. Ideal conditions for growing gardens, washing clothes and … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: LEMONS!

Lemons are well and truly coming into season around here...I have been lucky enough to get a few leftovers from friends with excess. And while they look fabulous in a bowl on the table, or in my G&T here's some of my favourite ways to use them up...usually into something sweet! Lemon … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: soups!

There's been a shift in the weather here the last week - we had out first heavy frost of the year at the start of the week along with a few lighter ones...the leaves are well and truly off most of the trees and that fire has been on for days at a time. Winter is coming my friends... Best to get … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Let there be cake

Good morning! Look! My blog is working! Apologies last week for all the dramas with the blog and not being able to access it - but we are back and running again. I hope! With all the busyness and stress of THAT, it calls for cake. Here's some of my favourites! Ginger Fluff Anne (the best … [Read more...]

Tricia’s Ginger Fluff

As a special treat to you I have asked Aunty Tricia if she would be happy enough to share her beloved Mum's recipe for the AMAZING ginger fluff cake. This cake, you guys, THIS CAKE. It's magical. Its consistency is fluffy like CLOUDS. Magical, soft, spongey clouds of joy. Tricia is the famous cake … [Read more...]