Start a Christmas tradition: how to make a Christmas fruit cake


There's not many things I remember about my Dad's Mum, Grandma Dot, but I do remember her cooking, her laughter, her beautiful bowls, her family lunches (especially at Christmas) and her baking. OK, so I remember a lot. She was a country woman who grew up in Werris Creek NSW, met a local man, Frank … [Read more...]

2 ingredient pancakes: banana & egg


You know when you see something on Facebook or Pinterest and you think NO WAY! How can that even BE a thing! So you google it to see if it's really true, and then you have a crack yourself. And you kind of fail because it doesn't really work and you wonder how all the others got it to work. But then … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Sesame Hoisin Chicken


Somehow along the way (as you do) I got back into my old comfortable ways and stopped opening my cooking books (of which I have PLENTY) and relied on the old favourites to see us through week in, week out. So I decided it was time for another Recipe Roulette! The idea being to grab a book from your … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Under 15 mins cooking

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I KNOW that it's not just me who is quietly over all this grown up business. We are rocketing towards Christmas and there are catch ups and Christmas things and school things and so many THINGS. And I'm tired. Here are some lunch or dinner ideas that take literally 10 mins from start to opening your … [Read more...]

Zucchini fritters

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Got our fortnightly delivery of veggies from the organic farm down the road and what do you know was in it? AGAIN? EVERY TIME? Zucchini! Now I can roast these bastards up, I can fry them and eat them for lunch, I can continue to present them in various tasty ways and EVERY time they will turn their … [Read more...]

Pork cutlets with guacamole and BBQ corn salad


A sponsored post for Origin LPG You will remember last winter I talked about the comfort and warmth that comes from slow cooked food like this delicious winter stew. Well now that the weather has warmed up, the days are longer and hotter and the nights light and warm, for us this means taking the … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: the same old stuff

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I counted this morning, there are 5 weeks of school left. At it's not really a good sign that I am starting to fade at the rate that I am. Goodness ME, a school year can go a long time can't it? So many mid week dinners, so much complaining, so many meals presented, so many upturned noses. Fear … [Read more...]

Sunday arvo baking session: Lemonade scones


Daisy is about to start her annual 2 week swim school program at School tomorrow. I don't know if it's a small country school thing, but every year for 2 weeks they go swimming every day and get their swimming skills up. It's one thing I have completely dropped the ball on...swimming lessons. While … [Read more...]

Created with Jamie range for Woolies


A sponsored post for Woolworths I’m so excited to share that I have been made an ambassador for the range that has hit Woolworths across the country: Created with Jamie. I have long been a HUGE fan of anything Jamie does. I love his style of cooking: non-fussy, easy, fresh and healthy and ALWAYS … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Mum food

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This week I am going it alone. Rob is away until Saturday so that means that come dinner time I can cook whatever I want! For me that's LOTS of veggies. Things I can whip up quickly just for one and eat on my lap on the couch in front of whatever TV I want! Chilli tuna dip with dukkah Brussel … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: warmer weather food

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Can you feel it? It IS starting to get warmer. Summer, I can smell you, feel you! We have had a rush of warm days and then those beautiful, thick summer mists rolling in of an evening. There is something SO beautiful about being able to experience ACTUAL seasons which we are lucky enough to do down … [Read more...]

Tasty 5 minute noodles


OK so you know when you are HUNGRY, like really hungry at lunch and you want something substantial and tasty and the leftover crusts from your kids lunch just WON'T cut it? Or at dinner when you want something that you can make in 5 minutes that will make you feel like you MADE something, rather … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: trying to be healthier

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It's the warmer weather, it's the fact that soon enough we have to expose more skin and even get into swimmers, but this time of the year (every year) I find myself on a health kick. For me that means kicking out the carbs and embracing the greens. Salads, salads and more salads...especially when it … [Read more...]

Go-to favourite: fried halloumi


My favourite kind of cooking (and for that case, eating) are things that taste delicious, take no time to cook and are devoured by friends and family. This is a very simple pre dinner drinks snack that we roll out often when friends are over. It also gets smashed out at dinner time as a side - … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week comfort

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Sometimes you just need to trot out the old favourites that you KNOW will be eaten and enjoyed by every member of the family. You know you can cook these with your eyes closed, and you know that they provide tasty leftovers for your lunch the following day. These aren't healthy, they aren't life … [Read more...]

Slow cooked pulled pork (for tacos)


Sunday night when we had visitors over and I knew we were going to be spending a few hours up at the pub in the sunshine I knew that I needed a dinner that could be bubbling away without any effort on my part, and that could be quickly pulled together when all the hungry bodies walked back in the … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: holiday cooking

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This week calls for quick and easy things to cook. And with the warmer spring weather upon us the odd salad thrown in for good measure. Good luck with the last week of holidays (for some of us in the eastern states)'s going to be hard going for me with LOTS of festival work on, visitors, … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: School holiday cooking

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Here we are in School holiday time again. We missed last holidays because they were tacked onto our big holiday so I am REALLY looking forward to spending 2 weeks at home, lots of puppy play and time outside. We have no real plans, no trips away (as DnA is on and we have lots of planning to do) and … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Chicken

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If there's one thing guaranteed to get a run on our menu through the week it's chicken. Thigh, breast, wings, or whole it's hard to go past as a staple. Here are 5 favourite recipes of mine for the week ahead. Chorizo chicken (one pot wonder) Chicken noodle soup Chicken quesadillas Thai … [Read more...]

How to make lasagne


Comfort is baked cheese. I don’t care what form it needs to take, but if you have some crispy, golden baked cheese over the back of something, you will be comforted. Throw some pasta and bolognese sauce with a little white sauce into the mix and you will be in comfort PLUS. Put your soft pants on … [Read more...]