Saturday afternoon High Tea @ Milton Park

This morning when we woke up, the mists had rolled in, the temperature had dropped and it well and truly felt like Autumn was not very far away. Such a lovely break from this relentlessly hot summer. I spent the morning running around dropping off to parties, getting bits and pieces and answering … [Read more...]

Life goes on…

It's quiet here. Maggie is asleep, the big girls are at school, Frank and Kevin are asleep on the floor and I'm battling slow internet connection. It's hot and windy outside, and I'm vaguely hungry because I';m trying a new thing called not shovelling food into my mouth every 40 minutes. It's the … [Read more...]

Good things

Well, this for a start. Hilarious. (found via @phoodiegram) I have plenty to be negative nancy about at the moment, but where's the fun in that? There are always good things to see around you, and that's what I am focusing on today even though it's 1 million degrees and windy as fuck outside … [Read more...]

It’s Monday, it’s hot and there’s 2 weeks of school holidays to go.

That just about sums up where I'm at this Monday afternoon. I think I have a raging case of PMT, Rob has been away for work for a couple of days (home tonight YAY) and it's going to be 36 tomoz. Bluergh-o-rama. But let me tell you about the last few days. When the weather cooled a little, and the … [Read more...]

A hot day, and a cool change

Yesterday was hot, properly summery hot. Where the sun is beating down without a breeze to cool anything down. Tempers were frayed. Kids were bored. There was just one thing for it: water. One of my friends and her kids were heading to a local waterfall/swimming hole (Carrington Falls) so we tagged … [Read more...]

Giveaway! The Capital Cookbook 3

The winners have been chosen & emailed! Congrats to Jacq & Sam! Have you guys been to Canberra lately? And by lately, I mean since your year 6 camp trip there in 1990. It's had quite the renaissance of cool places to stay and eat. REALLY! You can see a couple of times we have been there … [Read more...]

The sweetest smelling Christmas trees

Guess what happened this week? I'll give you a clue... The five ginormous star jasmine Christmas trees that come out every year on our side verandah are in full bloom. Cue choir singing! The smell when you open the door! THE SMELL FRIENDS. An absolute joy to behold. You can guess … [Read more...]

A Christmas Workshop

Today we held our first Christmas workshop with two of my best mates Mrs Munro and Yorkshire Kitchen in our gorgeous village hall. We thought a chance to spend the day creating, sharing, eating and meeting new people would be just the thing needed at this time of year...and lucky for us a few people … [Read more...]

A country wedding

Last week a group of my local mates down here set up for a wedding in the village that I thought you might like a look at? Who doesn't love a wedding?! The Bride and Groom are a lovely couple I had met a few times at various balls we have had here in the village and asked Mrs M to recreate … [Read more...]

The first steps to School are earlier than you think

Sponsored post for The NSW Department of Education Do you have a little one starting big School next year? I know, how did it happen? They were JUST born and now here you are staring down the prospect of BIG school in just a matter of months. Sheesh. I’ve had two girls start School now and … [Read more...]

Wombat Hollow Artisans’ Market {5th & 6th Nov 2016}

Do you guys remember a few years ago we worked really hard on a local festival in our village The Burrawang DnA Festival? Well for anyone looking for something to do this weekend (locals and of course anyone up for a beautiful drive to the countryside 90 mins south of Sydney or Canberra) I've got … [Read more...]

Local Spotlight: The Summerhouse Store, Exeter

Yesterday morning on a dreary and drizzly Spring morning, Mags and I went and checked out an Instagram friend's new store (Linda from @thesummerhousestyle) which has just opened in Exeter. Linda and her Mum have years of experience in retail and styling and have a natural eye for gorgeous country … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Spring in full fling!

If you were to look up the definition of Spring in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure it would read as follows: Beth Macdonald's house, Tuesday 25th October 2016. Spring has taken it's time to fully come into her own this year, everything is about 3-4 weeks later than it normally is, but boy is she … [Read more...]

Starry, starry night

Last night was cold, probably too cold for late September, but a cold night usually means one thing: a clear night. And a clear night? Stars! How lucky we are in the country to see stars! And last night they put on quite the show. Rob headed outside around 9.30pm to take some in the backyard but … [Read more...]

Local Spotlight: Tulip Time 2016

No prettier time of year down here than when it's Tulip Time. I popped in there this morning with Mum and Luce on a bleak and cold Monday morning but all that colour instantly lifted our moods. Everywhere you turned it was more blooms. I think tulips are right up there for me as my favourites. … [Read more...]

BabyMac Long Lunch: The Debrief

Firstly I need to apologise for the fact that this post has been so long coming! All of you have been very patient waiting for it...but it's here at last! It's been over a month now since I held a BabyMac Long Lunch to celebrate 10 years of the blog and took the chance to host a lunch praying … [Read more...]

Southern Highlands Cookbook giveaway

This giveaway is now closed and winners have been chosen (Melissa, Caroline & Felicity) who should have received an email by now from me. Thanks for entering! ____________________________________ I am not only grateful for this little part of the world we are lucky enough to call home, but … [Read more...]


Today it's back to the start of my annual trip around the sun. How can it be that a whole year has passed again? I always reflect on this day about what's been, where we've been, where I'm at and today I thought I'd share that year in the blooms that I have enjoyed. This year, and most, since we … [Read more...]

Local Spotlight: Solar Springs Health Retreat

An invitation to come and spend the night at a local health retreat here in the Highlands could not have come at a better time for me. I've been sick, looking after sick kids and just generally feeling very meh as we tend to in late winter. I was thrilled to check out a local institution, as well as … [Read more...]

The BabyMac 10 year birthday long lunch!

Amazingly - the tickets are now all sold out (in under 7 hours!)! Apologies to all that missed out, I promise to look at hosting some more events in the future (maybe even in different states) as well as different prices points AND to give more notice before tickets go on sale! You guys! I can … [Read more...]