How you talk to yourself matters

I put up this quote on my Instagram last week and every day the words have been swirling about my head. Like a mantra over and over again, it's been popping into my head and it has had me thinking. Which is never a good thing really. Sometimes it is though... On Sunday we had our family do and I … [Read more...]

Kindness and corn fritters

Is anyone else feeling like an overtired 2 year old at the moment? I am expert at dealing with such people, given that we have one living in our house, so if you are, you've come to the right place. Our little lady has taken to only sleeping every now and then, so the over tiredness combined with … [Read more...]

#notafatmoleforchristmas (again): 2 weeks in update

Alternative Title: Do chia seeds provide any other purpose other than something to pick out of your teeth for 45 minutes after eating them? It's been a little over 2 weeks friends into my latest health kick that just so coincided with this time LAST year when I was (again) trying to not be a fat … [Read more...]

And we wonder why we’re tired…

Monday's are always big days for me. There's a weekend tidy up to do, an overflowing inbox, work and planning the week, plus life with a 2 year old and big kids. I'm not alone, I'm just one Mum, having a crack, like millions of others out there. Want to know what my day looked like? It's not … [Read more...]

The toddler theory

It's safe to say that right now, Mags is something else. I could use the word fezza, but let's go with special as it seems a little more loving. When right now, at times, I am feeling so much less than that. She's been waking at night. That's fine. But the crying not really awake, cannot be … [Read more...]

The unexpected expense

Anyone else sighing with relief that the Mercury retrograde is over? Me too. I always seem to break stuff, or things seem to break on me during that time so it came as no surprise when I arrived home at 9pm on Tuesday night that the first thing that happened to me appeared to be something broken. … [Read more...]

Mercury Retrograde: Is it all bullshit? Or is IT bullshit?

So Mercury is in retrograde right now until the 5th September. Say what now? I'm not sure if this is something that you are into or not, but it's definitely something I have become way more aware of over the past few years. Maybe it's now trendy like hygge? Or charging your crystals under the … [Read more...]

Help you need: Gather my Crew

As you guys would know all too well from experience, bad things happen to good people every day. Whether it's sickness or death, crisis can hit ordinary, good families in one quick moment and life is never the same again. I was talking to Megan about this recently when we caught up in Brisbane, … [Read more...]

Skin update: What I have been doing/using

I thought I'd do an updated post on one I wrote a few months ago about what's the best products to put on my face. There were SO many good comments and more than a couple that doubled and tripled up on what was good. So thought I would do a solid round up on what was suggested by lots of YOU and … [Read more...]

In my mind: Mental Health & Motherhood

A few months ago I had a camera crew from New Zealand come and spend a morning with us and have a chat about motherhood, sleep deprivation, post natal depression etc...and this morning it aired in NZ. Thought you might like to have a look: This series might get a run on SBS too - it's a great … [Read more...]

Begin Again

A sponsored post for TAFE NSW I’ve never been good at plans. Short term, long term, they always seem to elude me and whatever I tend to come up usually gets pushed to the side as life gets in the way. I was never one at school to know what I wanted to be when I grew up (man I AM grown up and I … [Read more...]

Who gives a crap? You should! {+ a giveaway}

I think I first discovered Who Gives a Crap by my mate Ruth and I instantly loved the ethos behind the brand as well as the cool style and sense of humour. Plus! Who doesn't love supporting an Australian business? For those who may not know anything about these guys let me give you a little … [Read more...]

Teeth: It’s all good until it’s NOT all good

A winner has now been chosen for this giveaway Emily with this comment: "I’m currently that weird adult with braces and they’re coming off in THREE weeks. Since getting braces my teeth have become extra sensitive. Thank you teeth gods for sensodyne! My beloved hot green tea and chilled savvy b have … [Read more...]

How to get motivated about exercise. Again.

The time has come friends, it's here. Anyone care to hop aboard the mid winter health train? AGAIN? And for the love of all things carbs, can anyone tell me how to maintain a desire to eat well and exercise ALL THE TIME? Instead of just like how I am now when my jeans are a little … [Read more...]

Matters of the head: What to put on your face & hair

I sometimes wonder how I am a grown up at all. I mean, I think there should be lessons on how to do all the things that we should know how to do by now. In a few months I will be turning 40 and I think that by now I would have figured shit out. But it's not the case. Now I know in matters of the … [Read more...]

Missed Moments

A sponsored post for Glaucoma Aware How seriously do you take the health of your eyes? I know for many people, it’s at the very bottom of the list of things we have to keep on top of. Our weight, exercise, skin, eating well, not drinking…being an adult is VERY grown up at times isn’t … [Read more...]

Real Quick

I have got a WHOLE lot of stuff to get done in the next few days. Washing. Packing. Organising. List making. Documents to explain the quirks of things in our house, what the kids like, where they need to be etc. So OF COURSE I have spent Maggie's nap time today on Pinterest designing an imaginary … [Read more...]

Week 4 Update: #febulous (that’s a wrap!)

You guys! #febulous is done and dusted and despite having to use a Snapchat filter (I have three kids who can blame me?) I am all like THIS: Officially loving myself sick. I did it! And you can tell I did it! I'm feeling proud of my efforts and determined to try and keep the momentum … [Read more...]

A tide of flesh: getting fitted for a bra

This morning I had a spare moment and a feral toddler so thought what better than doing something I have been putting off for a LONG time: getting fitted for a bra! I know how to have a good time! It's been a year now since I stopped breastfeeding, and yet I found myself STILL wearing … [Read more...]

Week 3 Update: #febulous

This week should be called: PRODUCTIVITY EXPERT LEVEL UNLOCKED. It's been a BIG week friends. Filled to the brim every day and even with things added in as I went that I didn't even know I could do. Could all this be the effects of #febulous I ask you? I had a chat on the phone to my brother … [Read more...]