As much as I have tried to ignore it, and pretend it's not happening, it's apparently now the 6th day of December 2016, and there's nothing that we can do but bask in all her Decemberyness. Yep, that's a word. We got all the decorations and the tree up on the weekend and while it's all Yay! … [Read more...]

Sweet baby cheeses! A Christmas giveaway worth $500!

My email inbox on any given day is a lottery. I never know what is going to be in there. There's usually some comments from a post, emails asking questions about a recipe, or what to put together for a menu plan, maybe the odd tree change question, where to eat or stay down here and of course emails … [Read more...]

Family time: 24 hours in the city

Was it really this time last week that Rob and I escaped a night without the kids? Where does a week go? Fast forward a week and now it was time for some wholesome family time. It's been a BIG year for us all. Rob has been the busiest he's been in a long time, with lots of travel. We now have this … [Read more...]

Mum & Dad on the loose: 24 hours child free

It's not often that Rob and I get some time alone and together, without kids but that's exactly what went down over the weekend just past, and I have to say, boy was it good. You see, it was one of the beloved Gay Godfather's 40th's and so with a little organisation, a lot of juggling and  more … [Read more...]

Things I like {the 25th November 2016 edition}

Good afternoon friends! How are you? It's a stunning Spring afternoon here, not too hot, sun beating down with a cool breeze drifting about. You can hear blow flies, and bees and of course mowers (always mowing around here). Mags is sleeping and I am enjoying the peace before the weekend … [Read more...]


Daisy has started the most gorgeous thing with her best BEST BEST friend (Mum you have never had a friend like this you don't understand!). You see, they go to different schools, but pretty much every afternoon, they get on the OLD SCHOOL telephone (like a home line, how novel!) and call each other … [Read more...]

Tweens and sleep and hormones, oh my

Is this going to be another post about sleep Beth? Still? All these years on? Why yes, yes it is. I'm nothing if consistent, when it comes to sleep. You see, while I have a baby that wakes in the night and a 7 year old who FOREVER WAKES IN THE NIGHT DEAR LORD WILL IT EVER END I DON'T HAVE A … [Read more...]

The first steps to School are earlier than you think

Sponsored post for The NSW Department of Education Do you have a little one starting big School next year? I know, how did it happen? They were JUST born and now here you are staring down the prospect of BIG school in just a matter of months. Sheesh. I’ve had two girls start School now and … [Read more...]

Place. And memories. And gardens.

This morning I had the pleasure of hearing Mickey Robertson from Glenmore House speak at an event about her life and transformation of her home and garden. Mickey has been a successful interior designer for many years but it was the purchase of this historic property near Camden that started her … [Read more...]

What happens when you are busy making plans

A sponsored post for Bupa This post talks about pregnancy, problems in pregnancy, loss and premature births so may act as trigger to some people. As the wise old lady sitting on my rocking chair on the verandah, OK the still old lady looking exhausted from her 3 children, I can safely say that … [Read more...]

Harper turned 7

Last night I was laying down with Harper in bed as she played back the best bits of her 7th Birthday. The very best bit though, she told me, was when she woke up and her Dad who was in bed next to her whispered "Happy Birthday Harper" and she said that she had forgotten it was her birthday! And then … [Read more...]

Good Things

A winner has now been chosen for the Party pack from Kit Source and the giveaway has now closed. The winner was Kate with this comment: "I’d love to win a party pack! Living in a remote Aboriginal community, we try and throw parties and make a big deal of someone special, but the supplies here are … [Read more...]

It doesn’t matter

When you fret and worry about whether your kid takes to the breast, or won't take the bottle or you can't get a good attachment and need a breast shield, or a pump or not to pump, to demand feed or feed strictly every 4 hours. Whether you still give your baby a bottle in the middle of the night, or … [Read more...]

Feeding small people aka: cutting stuff up

Yesterday I whacked this snap up on Insta saying that I like to call this: IF YOU ASK ME FOR ONE MORE THING TO EAT BEFORE DINNER YOU NEED TO FIND A NEW FAMILY. Am I right, or am I right? You see, I had found a few minutes while Mags was rolling her lunch to get organised for arvo tea that … [Read more...]

Lessons in seeds

Remember back in March, on St Patrick's Day when I planted those sweet peas for Amelia? Well I walk past them every day because the pot is near my front door. I watched them shoot too quickly in April when the weather was still too warm, and they got confused. We all got confused. I … [Read more...]

New term, new beginning

I was always a crammer when it came to studying. Like I would wait and wait until the very last moment and then something in me would snap and I would know: SHIT, it's time to focus. And then I did. I would get into the zone and get the work done. I'm a bit like that with any deadline really, work … [Read more...]

Escape to the beach

Yesterday morning I woke up and opened the curtains, as I do every morning to see what the day has given us. I was immediately annoyed because it was STILL windy, so I did what I would normally do when I wanted to complain about the wind, I text my sister. She gets it. You see, we were SO annoyed … [Read more...]

Ways to feel better when you have been a dick to your kids

On the weekend I had a couple of really bad nights with Harper. On top of almost 7 years of bad nights with Harper, I snapped. And it wasn't just me that snapped, Rob snapped too which kind of made me feel better, but we snapped. A duo of snapping in epic proportions. It wasn't pretty. The … [Read more...]

Full & thorough reporting

Oh School holidays, you make it very hard to get anything much done don't you? We're enjoying you, you've been pretty quiet, but it's virtually impossible to get anything done in the way of work. This morning the sun might be shining but it's blowing an arctic gale with the piles of sheets and … [Read more...]

We’re FINALLY riding bikes! (it only took 2 years)

You guys may recall that we bought the girls bicycles for Christmas 2 years ago. And you might recall me asking you guys for the best way to get the girls riding? (make sure you read the comments for some really great suggestions if you have struggled with this to). Yep. Some things take a little … [Read more...]