Quick catch up

Oh HI! Talk about crazy times over here. I am busier than a blue-arsed fly here at the moment and I have a spare 7 minutes so thought I'd drop in for a quick catch up. Sheesh. You see it's Rob's 40th next week and we are hosting a party here for him on Saturday (lunch, 70 odd people) and I am … [Read more...]

Long weekend-ing

You may have popped over here to have a look at some nice photos of our nice weekend. Because it was, indeed, nice. So here, let me get one of the way for you. Look! Hydrangeas! In April! Still flowering! But in reality, it's day 18 of the school holidays. So it's safe to say that things are … [Read more...]

An Autumn walk in the village

If you look out any of our windows at the moment you'll see that Autumn has arrived. My favourite and my best, glorious Autumn with it's magical light, shorter, warm days and cooler, dark nights. Our village does Autumn particularly well and yesterday the girls and I took a walk up to the … [Read more...]

Monday morning water cooler catch up

Sheesh that was a long morning wasn't it? Anyone else ready for School 1.5 hours earlier than usual? Or was that just us? The old change in time always keeps you on your toes, or your tired toes. All those people that talk of enjoying an extra hour of sleep obviously don't have children because it … [Read more...]

Easter 2016

Because our summer holidays were cut short with Perfuckuss I said to Rob some time in the trenches of late January that we would start the year again at Easter because by then, we would all be better, and we would just start the year over. So you can imagine how happy I was when last week Harper was … [Read more...]

Important days

Yesterday morning at 2.30am I was awake. Maggie still hadn't woken for a feed (sure 45 times for coughing fits while she still slept) but still asleep! Shit, don't tell me she's starting to work out this sleep thing? In any case, there I was...PING! Wide awake. I started thinking. Too much. About … [Read more...]

Let it all hang out

I recently had a chat with some friends about whether their house was a nudist one or not. Now, I'm not talking every chance you get, you're nude. Nor am I suggesting you fry off your schnitzels in the flesh, but more of a you let your kids see you naked kind of thing. We most definitely … [Read more...]

The first 1000 days

A sponsored post for Bupa When you think back to when you had a baby what were the most challenging times? When were the times when you needed support the most? Was it when you were pregnant, or trying to get pregnant? Sick as a dog and unable to do the most simplest of tasks? Was it … [Read more...]

Daisy turned 9 {somehow}

According to the calendar (because honestly, how could it even be) my first born daughter turned nine yesterday. That's 9 whole years of her being here, bringing to the world all the wonderful things that make up Daisy May. We've had such a shitty time of late that we were all looking forward to … [Read more...]

Not a little bit married, but very married

Saturday morning Rob and I were doing what we normally do. No, not having sex like we might have on Saturday mornings in times of yore, we were walking down to the kitchen wiping the sleep from our eyes, carrying the baby and getting to that coffee machine to switch it on. It had been a shit of a … [Read more...]

Round here

* taps mic* Um, hi there. Sheesh. Look at that, a whole week without a blog post. But I'm back (ish) a little worse for wear and definitely looking un-fresh. But back. Let's all take a moment to relish in this: It's February which means that that god awful January we just went through is … [Read more...]

So your baby is starting school next week?

Wait, what? Didn't you just bring them home from the hospital and now apparently they are big enough to go to School? Say what? But it's true this time next week for lots of us there will be new Kinders starting School and for lots of you that means some really big changes. Emotionally, … [Read more...]

Long, quiet & slow days

Besides our time up at the farm after Christmas, pretty much every day of the holidays we have done the same thing: and that's a whole lot of nothing. Girls have spent many a day in their nighties, sometimes getting out of them for the bath, only to hop back into them again after. We've had sickness … [Read more...]

A little sibling rivalry

This is my little sister and I. We're close, no doubts about it, even though there are 5 years between the two of us. She still likes high heels and I'm still mostly in bare feet. We spent our childhood playing together, a lot. Barbies, dolls, dress ups, plays, you name it, we used to do, for … [Read more...]

Let’s Go!

A sponsored post for NSW Health So the holidays are still on, but the gluttony of Christmas and New Year break are over and it’s time for me (and most likely you too!) to seriously start thinking about the year ahead and make some goals for myself and the family. It’s impossible to not look at … [Read more...]

Christmas Family Palooza 2015

My goodness we had a weekend of family celebrations...full ON family time with 4 catch up's over 2 days in some of the hottest weather we've seen in Sydney in some time. Everyone had a BALL. Mainly. Mags spent a lot of the time like this: Babies and parties and 15 minute naps between venues … [Read more...]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We put the Christmas decorations up on the weekend! YESSSSSS the place now looks and even better SMELLS like Christmas! Cue angels singing... This weekend well and truly felt like that crazy Christmas time of the year with a lovely lunch for my Brother's birthday at my Mum's place yesterday … [Read more...]

Late spring afternoons

On Tuesday afternoon we headed down to our friend's (Mr & Mrs Munro) new farm for a quick drink to celebrate Mr Munro's birthday. It was a gorgeous afternoon, the sun shining, kids happy to play, feed the horses, pick some flowers and of course make endless daisy chains. We ate some pickled … [Read more...]

THIS is Christmas

A sponsored post for Westfield You spend months (OK who am I kidding) at least weeks or maybe days depending on how crazy the end of the year has been, thinking up a present for your kid that you think they will love. Something to challenge them. Something they have always wanted, or maybe even … [Read more...]

Now I’ll be six for ever and ever

Six seems like a big deal. I noticed it with Daise and now I can see it with Harps. They just get big with 6. They lose some of that "little" that's both sad, but exciting. You might get some more understanding. Some ability to process emotions and feelings, a slight shift. Harper had a wonderful … [Read more...]