Corners of my mind: Childhood Homes

Whenever I am having trouble sleeping and all else has failed in resetting my brain to stop thinking and start sleeping, I try and walk through the childhood homes of my best friends and the homes that we have lived in. I am always amazed at how I can recall each room, down the hallway, the things … [Read more...]

Heaven on earth found at Ocean Farm

I think I stumbled across Ocean Farm for the first time on Instagram maybe? You come across a photo that literally takes your breath away and you dream one day we will get there. And bonus! It's just 45 mins from home. I wanted to head away somewhere after my birthday with the family, … [Read more...]

Help you need: Gather my Crew

As you guys would know all too well from experience, bad things happen to good people every day. Whether it's sickness or death, crisis can hit ordinary, good families in one quick moment and life is never the same again. I was talking to Megan about this recently when we caught up in Brisbane, … [Read more...]

40: the day, the loot and so much love!

Well here I am, the flip side of the birthday and what a great one it was. JAM packed with well wishes and love and kindness showered on me the whole day. What more could a gal ask for? The house smells amazing from all my gorgeous flowers given. My pants are entirely tighter today after … [Read more...]

Things I like {the I’m still in my 30’s edition}

You guys, I think it' going to be a good week ahead for me. Actually, the next few weeks are going to be pretty good all round I think. Next week is my birthday week, and in true Styling You fashion there may be a little bit of a festival happening. I've already started to get a few cards and … [Read more...]

Many hands: The hard work of Fundraising

A sponsored post for CUA School Fun Run As you guys might know, our girls go to our local Public School here in our village which is known as a Small School. There are just 29 kids in the whole school from Kinder to Year 6 divided into 2 classes with 2 teachers. It’s a truly amazing little place … [Read more...]

3 things I’ve been doing lately to boost productivity

I am so sick of wondering where the day goes lately, looking at my to-do list on a Thursday from Monday and generally feeling out of control that I decided to try and make some small changes to every day life. Here's 3 quick and simple things I have tried that have been working (it hasn't been long … [Read more...]

My thirties: the decade of exhaustion & learning

I'm turning 40 next week. I know I keep mentioning it, but you guys, it's in my head quite a bit. What is it about a new decade that causes reflection and pensiveness? I've been a little pensive and I must say, I don't think it's going to go away before next week, in fact, it may reach fever pitch, … [Read more...]

Windy weekends spent inside getting warm

Oh August I do love to see you. You're my birthday month after all. You are the start of blossoms popping up, of daffodils and daphne. Your days are longer with the sun rising and setting a little earlier and later in each of your days but seriously? You are windy AF. And we all know how I feel … [Read more...]

Thinking of making a sea/tree change? Read this!

Each and every week (almost day at the moment) I get questions from readers about making tree changes. They ask all kinds of do you make the decision? How do you choose an area to live? What about school? What about missing the city? What about this? Or that? THIS! DID YOU THINK … [Read more...]

Moments to remember: July

One of the things that I loved the most about the last book club book (I will be choosing another one later this week I promise!) was the way that Hilary, who was dying of cancer was taking in the small moments in time before she knew she was going to die. Those simple moments: whether it was … [Read more...]

Winter holidaze

We are enjoying a very s   l   o   w  pace here this second week of the holidays. The washing line is 80% pyjamas as that's all we have been wearing. There have been hour long baths, baking, TV show bingeing, sitting in the sunshine, snipping daphne, waiting for bulbs, reading, so much eating, … [Read more...]

Postcard: the last little bit

One of my mates on Instagram yesterday commented that she can't remember seeing me as chilled out as I have been on this trip and I think she may be right. I've been so happy all the family together (while trips OS to NY certainly are special to me so long as we are all together I am happiest). … [Read more...]

Frank is now 3!

Our little black ball of loveliness Frank turns 3 today! Happy Birthday mate! Of course because we are away the girls Facetimed him this morning to say hello and you know, watch him scratch himself etc...but here he is 3 years later and well and truly part of the family. I never really … [Read more...]

Postcard: Cousin catch up time!

We arrived to my sister's place where I have some happy girls on my hands. There are cousins! And toys! And room to just chill out and hang after a few days on the road. And for me there's my sister! And Prosecco! And home cooked meals (last night she trotted out a chicken parma and apple crumble … [Read more...]

Postcard: Highlands to Beechworth then Daylesford

Here we are settled into our second motel for the beautiful but CHILLY Daylesford. My word the chill has set in the past few days...everywhere it seems but definitely here in Victoria where it was -6.9 degrees. We left home later than we had planned (of course when you get overexcited … [Read more...]

Road tripp’n: Victoria July 2017

We recently did an exercise in a group of having to remember our best childhood memories. There was a big group of adults from their 30's to 50's and each and every one had simple things: home cooked meals, movie nights at home or for me, road trips with my family most school holidays. These have to … [Read more...]

Things I like {The Colour edition}

The icy wind blowing a gale outside isn't much to get excited about, but you know what? There's only 1 day of school left, then it's holidays! Besides that, there is plenty to like around these parts as we soak up the peace before the storm of 2 extra kids back home! Here's what I am liking this … [Read more...]

The lost treasure

Do you remember when you got your engagement ring? Always a big occasion isn't it? And how about the incidental use of the left hand for EVERYTHING once you've got it on your paw? The brushing of the hair away with your left hand. The touching of your face, the putting your hand awkwardly in a photo … [Read more...]

Cold weekends filled with flannelette and fires

Here we are flip side of another weekend, wondering how they go by so quickly. Or is that just me? I am so glad that we have just this week to go before there is a bit of a break for the girls. Everyone is a little sick and very tired, and just want to lay around in pj's. I SO get it. This … [Read more...]