Shit they don’t tell you in the baby books


You guys! It's ALMOST the end of term 1 (well for those of us not in VIC who are already on holidays the lucky buggers!). And if you have had a Kinder start school this term, and if you have had an anxious Kinder kid start you will be feeling a little like we are: emotionally, and physically … [Read more...]

Marriage: 10 years on


It was a beautiful Autumn day just like it today 10 years ago when Rob and I were married on the lawn in front of his Dad's house at the farm on Easter Saturday 10 years ago today. The sun was shining, the boys kilts blowing in the gentle breeze, my bouquet of wild daisies and flowers pretty in the … [Read more...]

Books for 8 yr olds


As a kid I loved to read - I always had my head tucked away escaping to some adventure or place far away. I devoured them as a teenager and managed to keep it up as an adult when I was working before smart phones stole away any spare time I always had my head in a book on a bus or train. Rob loved … [Read more...]

Today is your day


Harps, it's my job to remember all the bits that you won't growing up and today was a big one. You started School. FINALLY. After asking me over and over if it was Thursday yet, it was and the time was here. It was cold this morning, unseasonably for late January with an autumnal chill in the air. … [Read more...]

The prettiest sight you’ll see…


It's a warm, dark and stormy afternoon here at home. Our visitors left late morning and then the girls and I set ourselves the task of getting the Christmas decorations out. We usually start it all off by going to the Christmas tree farm (you can see how we did it in 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013) but … [Read more...]

Keeping score


My Mum and step Dad are away at the beach for a few days and Mum sent me a photo on the weekend...her scrabble scoreboard pad that stays with their board from just before I had Harper. Pay no attention to my terrible score. You see in our family we have a tradition of writing down where we … [Read more...]

Harper turned 5


It takes a really long time to get to five. A lifetime it seems when you are small. I think 5 holds some kind of magical power in the minds of little people...when they get to 5 all kinds of things will happen. I've heard so much "but when I turn 5...when I get to be 5..." and I think it might be … [Read more...]

Hardest working toy


As you know I have been on a cleaning FUH-RENZY these past few days. The ghost of spring cleaning has taken over my body and I am powerless to refuse its force. Today I dropped the kids at school, went via the reject shop to buy some storage containers, quickly met a deadline and tackled Daisy's … [Read more...]

Long days, fast years


I was making Daisy's bed this morning, going about my business in a quick and efficient manner, the way that I do in a blur in the mornings...calling out deadlines for the TV off, breakfast to be eaten, spelling words to be done, when I pulled the doona tight, plumped the pillow and added in the … [Read more...]

What do you need to get for a baby?

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If there was one reason for me to be a fully fledged "mummy blogger" than THIS is it. As you know, my beloved little sister Lucy is having a baby! Yay! So I get to completely let out any cluckiness I may or may not be feeling on her little bebe that is due at the start of December. She has ALL OF … [Read more...]

Life at 36, 11 months and 3 weeks


I wake in the mornings around 6.30 or 7, by Daisy walking in. She still needs to say she is up although she will head out and fend for herself. Some days I wake all by myself, a miracle in itself, and approximately 345 times better than having someone yell at you or for you, the very first thing in … [Read more...]



Yesterday afternoon I walked Daisy around to my friend Mrs C's place. You see she was hosting a Sunday evening soiree and was hoping that Daise would help her polish her silver, do some chores, have a natter and just be a big girl visiting, without her little sister or Mum in the way. I told Daise … [Read more...]

Lucky Ones


The other week we were at the pub on a Thursday night as we usually are. It’s the locals night at the pub – a chance to catch up with people – you never know who will be in. There’s a raffle (which there may have to be an ICAC investigation into as we always seem to win it), always a few glasses of … [Read more...]

So that was Easter…


The last of the guests have left, the floors cleaned, rubbish picked up, excess food eaten and packed up and Easter done for another year. We had such a lovely weekend packed to the brim with time with my beautiful family and friends. We did not stop eating or drinking, chatting, laughing, sitting … [Read more...]



I'm partial (as Faux Fuchsia would say) to a red letter day. Yesterday was one of those...a wedding anniversary for Bert and myself celebrating nine years of wedded bliss, or something. We had a lovely day - managed to sneak out together for lunch as both girls were at School and then for dinner I … [Read more...]

Best Kids movies: Non animated for ages 4 and up


We try and roll a family movie night once a week at our place. This is something that the girls just adore - we have dinner early, get bathed and into pj's early and then pack down on the couch to watch a movie all together. It means staying up later than usual, sometimes there is popcorn involved. … [Read more...]

Making a tree change: The weigh up


Last week when we were cleaning out the garage, I sorted through an un-opened box from the day we moved in down here almost 4 years ago now.  There were a few sheets of paper, along with the real estate sheet with the the for sale details of our home. On the bits of paper were both Rob's and my … [Read more...]

Online resources for kids aged 4-10

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It was the start of the School holidays that Daisy asked me if she could go online and 'learn something'. I must say I panicked a little - to this point the extent of her time online was to do Reading Eggs and Mathletics as part of her School learning and I had no idea where else to send her. So of … [Read more...]

The list


Whether Mercury is in retrograde or some such shit, I have tackled the new year with a sense of gusto and immediacy and have crossed off some long-held items on THE LIST. Now being a reasonably organised person, I have a number of lists that I deal with on any given day. I have the diary that has … [Read more...]



Apologies to anyone who now has that shitty Barbie movie song in their head. Or does now at least... It's always an interesting exercise for me checking which old posts people read over the course of a night when I check into my blog in the morning. Without exception, How to make a Peppa Pig cake … [Read more...]