Maggie is 21 months old!

Where does a month go?! I'm with you Mags. It's entirely NOT Ok that you will be 2 in just 3 months time. But despite all the protest and crankiness that we feel about the situation, here we are Miss 21 months old. Full of new words, an obsession with her older sister, a love for the dummy … [Read more...]

And now Daisy is 10

I had a lovely (and rare) moment this morning where I woke up before the baby told me to GED UP GED UP and I walked out to the lounge room where I got a quiet and big cuddle with my 10 year old Daisy. 10! I know it's the start of a big decade for her. One where she goes from a girl to a teen to a … [Read more...]

10 things parenting has taught me

Tomorrow marks 10 years since I went from being a woman, daughter, wife etc etc to a Mum. I remember so clearly waddling around the day before Daisy was born, I do believe Rob and I went out and celebrated our last day together as just us with a milkshake at the place we met for the very first time … [Read more...]

Keep it simple: family learnings over the summer

A sponsored post for Bupa I have to say, that so far over this summer the Macdonald Team Family game has been STRONG. School holidays, Christmas and New Years will do that to you when you are forced to spend many, many (MANY!) days in a row together and despite my feeling a little, shall we say, … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Lunchbox savoury baking

So here we are at week 2 of the term. My interest in the lunch boxes is already wavering. but I've got some ideas for baking some things for them - especially some savoury things. My girls are not huge sambo eaters, but they will tuck into crackers and cheese and olives, or any kind of home made … [Read more...]

Entertaining at home: some tips

I posted this originally a few years ago but thought it might be a good time to re-share, especially if you had planned to get back into your entertaining mojo in 2017. I know that entertaining can be quite overwhelming for people: what to cook, serve, decorate, the pre-clean up and post clean up, … [Read more...]

Looking for delicious, nutritious options? Wrap it up!

A sponsored post for Helga’s Wraps As you would know, I’ve been trying really hard over the past few months to change the way I eat: eating smaller portions, choosing more veggies and dropping the carbs. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but now I am there, the better choices are coming easier … [Read more...]

Life goes on…

It's quiet here. Maggie is asleep, the big girls are at school, Frank and Kevin are asleep on the floor and I'm battling slow internet connection. It's hot and windy outside, and I'm vaguely hungry because I';m trying a new thing called not shovelling food into my mouth every 40 minutes. It's the … [Read more...]

Starting out at Primary School

I published this post this time last year, but thought it might be worth re-publishing again given it's almost that time of year again. Somehow Harps will be in year 2! Daisy in year 5? Thank GOODNESS Mags is a few years off yet still. Do you have a little one starting? Original post … [Read more...]

It’s Monday, it’s hot and there’s 2 weeks of school holidays to go.

That just about sums up where I'm at this Monday afternoon. I think I have a raging case of PMT, Rob has been away for work for a couple of days (home tonight YAY) and it's going to be 36 tomoz. Bluergh-o-rama. But let me tell you about the last few days. When the weather cooled a little, and the … [Read more...]

The online years

Last night I was delighted to see another online friend Jodi announce her pregnancy with her 4th child. Strange as it may be, but another child I will get to see grow and flourish, despite the fact that we've never actually met. It's funny this online business, but it's such a part of my social … [Read more...]

Green Pig Pasta

I reckon I have about 1 more day left of doing nothing round here. The first few days were novel and fun! There were pj's on all day, too many movies watched to mention, resting on beds and relaxing and all round catching up on a huge 2 weeks. Then by Monday when I had to get back online and … [Read more...]

Back to it.

I've been trying to work out just why I feel as tired as I do from our holiday. And then I kind of worked it out. You see, we had my niece staying with us from the 8th December. Which was wonderful but it also meant later nights for the girls, especially at the end of the year and all the activities … [Read more...]

Not a motivational quote in sight

So it's 2017. And every time I peak back into the world to see what's going on I am seeing motivational quotes and theme words to practice and focus on. I see clean working spaces, motivational quotes and intentions and pumped up people ready to take it all on. Meanwhile I am being kicked in the … [Read more...]

2016: The recap episode

I've just trawled through every one of my posts for 2016 to have a look at the year that was. Always an interesting (and time consuming) task to reflect on all the good and bad things that have happened. I know that 2016 has been an incredibly difficult year for so many people I know and love, … [Read more...]

Make some legit bakery soft bread rolls!

We've been away here for almost a week now with 19 people (9 adults, 8 children, 2 babies) and I decided that I would have a crack at bread making for us all, which was perfect given that the shops are a  ferry and car ride away (not bovvered). So bread making I have been a doing! And the … [Read more...]

Christmas 2016

And there's Christmas done for another year...all that prep, planning been and gone. And for us? It couldn't have gone any better. A relaxing day filled with lots of memories that have been locked away for a life time. Christmas eve we had a stormy afternoon and evening as we sat under the verandah … [Read more...]

Where life begins and love never ends

A sponsored post for Bupa There’s no denying the fact that I come from a big family. And not just a big family, but a close one. Bloody Catholic breeders that we are, there’s a gazillion of us on both sides of my Mum and Dad’s families, with close to 20 first cousins and then you can imagine how … [Read more...]

Same, same

Right now there are many families packing up and getting their heads around Christmas or a holiday afterwards. For me, this morning, I walked around the chemist like a zombie trying to work out all the things that I needed to get before we head away on Thursday for a week over Christmas and then up … [Read more...]

Love, and hope.

Many of you that live in this online world would have heard the sad news this morning that Julia Watson passed away last night after a courageous battle with stage 4 bowel cancer. Shit hey? You will remember recently when you guys helped bid on an auction to raise money for her husband and 4 … [Read more...]