Monday Meal Ideas: Good green stuff

Anyone else's jeans seem to have shrunk in the dryer lately? Except you haven't been using the dryer? ME TOO. This cold weather winter funk cannot go's time you guys. To put down the custard tart and prosecco and pick up some protein and water. Not likely! Here's some inspiration to get … [Read more...]

Now I am 41

I had a birthday on Thursday and apparently that means that I am now 41. Huh. I've had such a lovely few days with lots of catch ups with family and friends, it's been a lovely celebration that has filled me up with happiness. What more could you ask for for your birthday? Nothing! I knew … [Read more...]

The MUST have travel accessory: FRANKiE4 Active Flats

A sponsored post for FRANKiE4 Footwear There’s nothing much I love doing more than using my passport. The planning of an overseas trip, all the trawling through AirBnB or hotels, reading reviews and planning that eventually leads to hitting BOOK for accommodation and flights, trains and transfers. … [Read more...]

Simple & delicious Sultana cookies

My friend Miss Rabbit (a good Yorkshire woman) who I travelled to London with in May got me onto a LOVE of all things M&S when we were there. She has a passion and love for the M&S Onion ring unlike anything I had ever seen and as for the baked goods? Well we tried them all, including the … [Read more...]

Solving the Big Issues: Do you make your bed every day?

There's lots of things I do every single day. Get up earlier than I would like for sure. Drink coffee. Use my Dyson. Cook for my family. And there's lots of things that I should do every day, but don't. Like exercise. Or read. But there is one thing that I MUST do every single day. No matter how … [Read more...]

A golden ticket to visit Ms. Peacock Fine Chocolates

I still get that flutter of excitement I first got when I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I watch it with the kids. You know the part where they walk into the hallway that gets smaller and smaller and then the door opens to the factory inside? "If you want to view paradise Simply … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: The crunch of a good salad

I always get to this time of winter and feel completely and ENTIRELY over it. Anyone else? Yesterday I looked at the thin layer of ash of everything, dismayed at having to do the fire AGAIN and the chopping and the stacking. I cursed the arctic wind and temperature and looked at the spring blooms … [Read more...]

Get some greens into ya: Spanakopita

God bless Instagram stories for its ability to take me (for waaaaaaaay longer than it should) to beautiful places all around the world, into people's homes and wardrobes, gardens and my all time favourite: THE KITCHEN. One of my good friend's Ruth aka Gourmet Girlfriend is always an inspiration to … [Read more...]

Why did we all want to be grown ups again?

Remember thinking how good it would be? The doing whatever you wanted, eating whatever you wanted, not having to listen to anyone tell you what to do? HA. If only I knew that when I walk into a room now I see this. All while being yelled at by children we made FROM FREE CHOICE. Who are mini versions … [Read more...]

The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {EP 8}

Oh Hai Megs! Oh hai there Daisy Jenks (recently married to Charlie van Straubenzee one of Haz's best mates). Or as we like to call him in this CRACKING episode 8 of The Throne Rangers, Charlie Bendy Straw. That's right, episode 8 of the Throne Rangers is now live and covering off all … [Read more...]

How we can all help Aussie farmers doing it tough right now

It's hard not to notice (especially in the last few days and media attention) that there are huge parts of our country in drought. Even down here in the (usual green rolling hills) of the Southern Highlands it's dry and there are farmers down the road, over the hill, all around these parts that are … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Get some pork on ya fork…oink!

Good morning friends! We have woken to a grey Monday morning (it is SO good to see some clouds and a little drizzle even if it doesn't amount to much) just the change in light from BRIGHT & SUNNY which we have had for months and months and months is good. Thought I would share some of my … [Read more...]

Beyond the Garden Gate: a look inside the best gardens of the Highlands

When I was about Daisy's age instead of Justin Bieber posters (or the equivalent) on my bedroom wall, I had posters with photos of gardens. Yep. Bluebells and tulips, pictures of Monet's Garden in Giverny through all the different seasons. I had coffee table books that my Mum & Dad had given me … [Read more...]

So the blog turned 12 on the weekend…

On Sunday the 29th July you know what kicked over? The 12th year of blogging for BabyMac! I know right? How can it be 2 years since I celebrated my 10th blog birthday and yet somehow, just like it's "apparently" August today, it happened. Shall we celebrate? Let me get you a drink. What do you … [Read more...]

Bitter Orange cake with candied fennel seeds

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked over to a friend's place for coffee after school drop off. The promise of hot coffee, freshly baked cake by a good cook, all at 9.30am in the morning was too good to resist. On a freezing cold but bright and sunny Highlands morning we sat in her beautiful … [Read more...]

Styling You Turned 10 and I went along to celebrate!

You know me, tell me you are having a party and I will BE there. No matter how far or for how short a time, I will wrangle someone to look after the kids and hightail it. And this weekend was no exception, as it was Styling You's 10th Blog Birthday. Nikki has been a blogging friend since March 2011 … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Dinner with wraps

Hello again Monday, I am a little slow today after a busy and big weekend...coming off the back of a week without Rob who gets back tonight. It's cold again (after a dead set taste of summer in Queensland it was seriously 26/27 degrees) and there's now the added bonus of AUGUST WINDS that have … [Read more...]

A check in & some good things

Hello friends, how are you? I'm doing good, thanks for asking, and I know that so many of you have, you lovely people. I have had messages, emails, little things from you over the past month since I wrote this post and admitted that I was constantly feeling a bit bluergh and like a solid 5/10 most … [Read more...]


Well it's ABOUT time we were back with a new episode don't you think? Sheesh, you take a couple of Mums with school holidays and everything turns to SHITE. But! We are back with a brand spanking new episode which is jammed pack with ALL OF THE THINGS. And weren't there a lot of things over the past … [Read more...]

Apple Crumble Slice

The idea for this Apple crumble slice came about last week when we were away at the beach. My brother and sister and law and kids came and stayed for the night and I made a huge batch of apple crumble for dessert and there were lots of leftovers which we got stuck into cold the next day. In fact, my … [Read more...]