$150 Aura voucher giveaway!

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You guys know how much I love Aura Home right? I've got plenty of Tracie's goodness in and around my home from the main rug in our living area to lots of table linens/towels. Well they love you guys too...and to celebrate the new Spring/Summer collection that's starting to hit the stores and online … [Read more...]

9 Life lessons from 9 years of blogging


It's 9 years today since the very first post was written (by Rob nonetheless) on this blog. This will be the 2,292nd post. There's been 49,000 comments and almost 5 million page views over that time. Huh. Whilst there are now a whole lot of other people other than my family out there who read … [Read more...]

Rhythms of the home


There's so many parts of your day as a Mum that are the same day in, day out. The mundane tasks we do each day to keep things ticking along that make up the rhythms of our days. In the mornings the light is bright, the air cold and the pace fast. Starting slowly as we wake and rise, checking the … [Read more...]

Love to dream swaddle winners


Thanks to everyone that entered the Love to dream winter swaddle giveaway...there were some great entries and I loved hearing all your stories.   The 3 winners that I have chosen are Dee, Angelica & Jo! Dee with this comment "Ooooo! How to make a lurker come out of hiding? … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Roasts

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In this cold weather what's better to walk into when you come out of the cold but to smell a roast sizzling away in the oven? The answer to that is NOTHING! If you have the time during the week a cheeky roast chook or pork belly is always a winner and on the weekend when you might have some more … [Read more...]

One Thing: Dodgy blinds


You know when something is broken and you can live with it because it's only a little bit broken and you can still make it work even though it's not working to its full potential? I have had plenty of those half broken things around the house...a door that needs to be pushed a certain way to shut … [Read more...]

Got lemons? Make lemon curd


I've got another lemon recipe coming at you this week...namely because that bowl of lemons is STILL full and I couldn't bear to see them wasted. I know lots of you guys have groaning trees as well, so here's a simple and DELICIOUS way to use them up....making lemon curd. Lemon curd or lemon … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 75


Wednesday night (or more specifically in the 35 minutes in between Maggie wake ups early Thursday morning) I had the most horrific and SO realistic dream that Rob had an affair. I was sobbing, thrashing at him while he told me "it's so hard raising kids" that it took me an entire day for the dream … [Read more...]

Created with Jamie Meal Kits


A sponsored post for Woolworths There’s a new kid (or should I say kit) in the Created with Jamie range this July that Woolworths have just launched. I’ve been asked to trial out 3 of the new products in the range of 6 fresh ready to cook meal kits. While previously I have looked at products that … [Read more...]

Newborn Files #7


You know who turns 2 today? George! Happy Birthday sweet boy, I hope you got a couple new pairs of long socks. According to 'sources' he's having a quiet shindig with the family. I wonder what cake Kate has made for him? I'm sure she's whipped up a healthy treat for him. Reminds me of the … [Read more...]

Lemon Meringue Pie


You know what we've got a lot of at the moment? Given to us by lovely local friends with groaning lemon trees I happily take them all and do what I can to use them up in cooking. And with lemons you know it usually means...sweets! I stayed at Mum's last week after I got back from Melbourne … [Read more...]

Maintenance Monday


It's Monday. Again. Gosh it comes round quick doesn't it? For me, I usually set aside Monday for my love/hate relationship with #maintenancemonday. A day to clean up from the weekend, if we have had visitors, tackle the washing pile, get through my emails, bills to pay and desk to clean up. I try … [Read more...]

Monday Meal ideas: Seafood

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I cooked mussels for dinner for Rob and I on Saturday night and it reminded me just how easy and DELICIOUS seafood is to make. I never seem to add it into my shopping trolley...so I have vowed this week to try and make more of an effort with it and add it into our weekly meals a little more … [Read more...]

One Thing: The Kitchen


I didn't start last week off very well. Harper had been sick so as well as being up in the night with Maggie, I was not sleeping well because I was worried about Harps and dealing with her very high temperatures. I started to get cranky about, well, everything, and of course took it out on the one … [Read more...]

How to pattern clash bed linen


There's a few things in this world that I can do well. I can soft boil an egg perfectly every time (you can too just follow this post) I can keep a fire burning bright, chopping and stacking wood like the very best pioneer woman and I can cook a dinner for 10 people without too much trouble. I can … [Read more...]

Maggie is 2 months old!


It's OK, I am shocked too. How can it be that a whole other month has passed by and my little squawky, brand new, chicken legged baby is 2 now months old? Sheesh. But somehow she is! The little brand new baby is being replaced with a chubbier version, with a few more chins and rolls starting … [Read more...]

Things I like {The 15th July 2015 edition}


It feels SO good to be back into some kind of routine...oh I'm nothing if predictable when it comes to my days. The girls are back at home, so Maggie and I are hanging. She's talking so much...we have these lovely little sound conversations with each other for minutes at a time cooing and gah-ing … [Read more...]

Sticky Date Pudding


On Sunday we were hoping for a cold snap that would see snow fall around these parts. I got excited and called my friend Mrs Munro and suggested we have a hot lunch at our place: roast beef and béarnaise sauce and for dessert a sticky date pudding with hot caramel sauce. I had visions of us sitting … [Read more...]

Newborn Files #6


Big news in Newborn land this week...Princess Charlotte had her Christening! And the pictures did not disappoint from Kate's ensemble (again with the nude pumps) and up do wheeling that old School pram, to sweet George and Wills, the Nanny and her ensemble. Kate's hipster brother with his hipster … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Chicken

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Oh man it's been a tough few days around here. Poor Harps got very sick towards the end of last week with an infection (she had been off pretty much all the holidays but it finally came to a head) and only yesterday started to turn the corner. I'm not my best...exhausted and cranky and the kids are … [Read more...]