On this day…making a tree change


Do you have that app on Facebook that shows you what you were doing on this day over a number of years? I do, and every morning I have a trip down memory lane re-discovering what I was doing. Last year we were away so there's lots of lovely summery, happy photos. Then a few years further back are a … [Read more...]

2015 Problogger event ticket giveaway


I've been to the last 3 Problogger conferences (2 in Surfers and 1 in Melbourne) and have always found them to be such a great experience. Sure, it's fun, you get to catch up with all your online mates in real life....drink and dance and generally be silly but there's also so much to learn as well … [Read more...]

Zucchini & parmesan soup


When I put up the Monday meal ideas for soup someone on Instagram said to me that I must try Zucchini & parmesan soup. I'd never even heard of this combo before but it got me thinking. Then obsessing about it which meant one thing: I HAD TO MAKE IT. Added bonus it's bloody freezing and there's … [Read more...]

The Newborn Files #5


Mags and I are all double hands up in the air! WE MADE IT TO 6 WEEKS! Even Kate is in on the act. And what exactly is it about the 6 week mark that makes it so magical? I have always gotten to this time with the other two girls and just felt more something. Confident? In control? Not … [Read more...]

Winter Warmer recipe: Braised beef in beer


A sponsored post for Origin Energy Anyone that knows me, knows my love of all things winter. The fire, cold weather, clothing, boots, food and drink all speaks to my soul and makes for a happy Beth. There’s not much more I love on a freezing cold day to have something delicious bubbling away on … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: winter soups


It's going to be another chilly week PLUS it's school holidays which means there will be lots of time spent at home (not that that's anything new round these parts at the moment). So that means SOUP. I make a pot, attempt to offer it up as a meal for the girls, (mostly) have them turn their noses up … [Read more...]

One thing: Passport applications


It's been some time since I've got my #onething done. But this week, this magical 6 week mark where the fog slowly starts to lift and you feel at least 5% of the person you used to be before you had a baby, well I managed to get something done! Something, that is, besides having a shower and boiling … [Read more...]

Homemade cold remedy: Hot Toddy


Is there sickness going around your place at the moment? Rob has had a nasty cold last week which he has recovered from, and almost every parent at end of term assembly yesterday was sniffing and coughing. It's the season for it I guess. Here's my recipe for whipping up a hot toddy. While not … [Read more...]

Things I Like {The 25th June 2015 edition}


The mists have just rolled in blanketing the village in a dark, cool light. All these years on from living here, I still never fail to get excited when they weave their way into our yard. So magical! The fire is on low, Kardashians on the telly and a cup of tea going cold next to me on one side, … [Read more...]

Retro goodness


This past week I have been lucky enough to indulge in a few little blasts from the past in my favourite way to do so: BY EATING THEM. On Friday afternoon Rob came home from school pick up with a heart shaped tupperware container from my friend filled with none other than sweet mushroom tarts! … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Bake me a cake!


I went searching through all my CWA cookbooks on the weekend for a recipe for those sweet little mushroom tarts (alas I couldn't find it) but I did get a serious hankering for some baking. So many cakes to bake! I think this week I am going to attempt something new. Well, I'll try at … [Read more...]

The Newborn Files #4


Kate headed out into the world this week and showed off her "post baby body" 6 weeks after giving birth. Which was just actually her body. No big deal. I think more attention should be paid  to George's ADORABLE CARDIGAN. I wonder how Kate's boobs are doing, because I am a little obsessed … [Read more...]

Maggie is 1 month old!


I don't want to alarm anybody (namely myself) but Maggie is 1 month old today! IT'S TRUE! That's about 200 breastfeeds, I don't know how many nappies, about 15 or so poo explosions that require a full costume change, approximately 1589 times of putting her dummy back in, lots of baths, lots … [Read more...]

Things that make me happy


I just sat down to some leftover birthday cake from my nieces 7th birthday yesterday, along with a piping hot cup of tea, all enjoyed at home, alone (well Mags was sleeping and Frank roaming outside). Given the rate I consume cake and tea, it was a very pleasant 47 seconds while it lasted. I had a … [Read more...]

The Newborn Files #3


Boo! Here we are another week down in this crazy newborn bubble time. All that initial adrenalin and hormone rush that makes you feel like you can do ANYTHING not long after the baby is born has well and truly subsided and been replaced with exhaustion and a desire to do NOTHING. My brain is … [Read more...]

The Newborn Files #2

PicMonkey Collage

Tomorrow Maggie will be 3 weeks old. I could say where does the time go but in the first 6 weeks of your newborns life every day feels like 3 days. I know exactly where the time goes. It goes in 4 hour blocks with not much difference between daytime and night time except for the light and … [Read more...]

Winter mornings


The mornings have been COLD this week. Cold as in minus 4 and 5 cold. COLD. Jack Frost has been visiting in all his glory covering everything with sparkling frost until the sun hits. If you stand outside you can hear the crackle of the ice breaking off branches and the trickle of water dripping from … [Read more...]

Things I like {the 1st June 2015 edition}


While it might be the start of winter here today, it's still pretty warm inside. With a new baby to warm your heart, it's very cosy indeed. I always knew that this winter was going to be about staying inside, keeping warm and hibernating until the spring when Maggie and I would appear from our … [Read more...]

Pop Portrait winner announced!


Thanks everyone that entered the Pop Portrait giveaway on the blog last week - there were so many great entries and I was glad that I wasn't the one that had to choose. I fortunately left that up to Marie and she has chosen a winner... Tracey Menzies YOU are the winner! This is her winning … [Read more...]

The Story of Maggie’s Birth Day {Part 3}


You can read Part 1 {The Background stuff} here. Then you can read Part 2 {The Business end} here. So, here we are, a little teary and delirious and certainly very tired looking, but at the other end of the birthing process. Thank you so much for sharing your stories, and for letting me know how … [Read more...]