The Newborn Files #1


Well here we are on the flip side of the Pregnancy and into the land of newborn babes. I thought it best to continue with the Preggo files into the Newborn files because if you can't laugh at during this sleepless, messy, emotional, hormonal time then you will just cry and that's no good for … [Read more...]

Marie O’Neill Pop Portrait Giveaway {worth over $500}

Babymac Giveaway-02

Did you guys love the family portrait that we used to announce Maggie's birth? How cute was it? It was created by the very clever Marie O'Neill an illustrator and designer based in Brisbane who I was lucky enough to meet at Problogger last August. Marie sent me through the finished portrait just a … [Read more...]

Things I like {The newborn edition}


It's just ticked over a week we have been home with Maggie. The days seem to arrive and end so quickly without doing nothing at all except just the normal day to day stuff which now seems extraordinary because Maggie is here. Everything takes so much longer though with a newborn. The fire … [Read more...]

The Story of Maggie’s Birth Day {Business time}


{Pre warning...this is a long post} There's no question I am a fan of Beyonce or, as I like to call her, Bey Bey. Her song "Who runs the world?" (GIRLS) is something I will often sing to my girls at any given moment and even though sometimes I get confused by her messages of women and power and … [Read more...]

The story of Maggie’s Birth day {The background}


There's so much to share and tell about all this that this may be ridiculously long and all over the place, but it's something that I want to share mostly for me, like most things on my blog. You see this blog while read by thousands of other people every day, is a reminder of things for me. Like … [Read more...]

When time stops: The first days


It never fails to amaze me that all that time there was a baby in there. A real, whole person. As Harper said to me on Sunday morning "Mum all that time, it was Maggie kicking in there." The miracle of a new baby. Is there anything more precious? Finally meeting a new member of your family, … [Read more...]

And then…

Babymac proof

SHE was here. Maggie Roslyn Macdonald arrived yesterday afternoon just before 4pm in the most beautiful way. She is a wee one...just 3.3kgs of pure perfection. It's been a long few days but we got there in the end in the most amazing end to this pregnancy. The girls are beside themselves with … [Read more...]

Preggo Files #20


I keep getting well meaning text messages from kind friends who love and support me who are keen to know how I am. Sounds reasonable and nice doesn't it? MY REACTION TO EVERY SINGLE ONE: Some could say I am a little on edge. Tense. Frustrated. Over it. Not good for visualising opening wombs … [Read more...]



You think being an adult you would know how to do stuff by now. I still spend an extraordinary amount of time using google and blind faith to get me through. Especially with parenting. even with this impending birth thing I find myself googling signs of pre-labour. Believe me Beth, you'll know it … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: VEGGIES!

PicMonkey Collage

Give me the veggies at the moment. Give me them raw or baked, in a salad or roasted. Give them with eggs or leftovers on toast. I just want them. Must be the baby needing a break from the intake of baked goods and custard. Here's a selection of veggies done in my favourite ways...good by themselves … [Read more...]

One thing: the garage and its door


Whilst my #onething this week should be shaving my legs which I just did (and you don't want to know how long ago the last time was) I figured that wouldn't be the most interesting thing and at this very late stage of the pregnancy we did not need photos of that. For those of you not playing along, … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 74

PicMonkey Collage

Why hello Friday! It's ever so good to see you. It's been a funny kind of a week where we have been busy but in a kind of limbo land. I have to stop overthinking time and when things "should" be happening. I have to try and just BE a little more over the next week, maybe even the one after that. … [Read more...]

Preggo files #19


Oh hi you guys! You totally did it! Got that babe from the inside, out. And boy did you do it in style Kate! NUDE PUMPS nonetheless! Wills is all like, how good is my Mrs? Peace OUT people I nailed it in the marriage stakes. Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of … [Read more...]

Get someone to cook for you with Created with Jamie


A sponsored post for Woolworths So, I am the main Monday to Friday cook in our house mainly because I am home and it’s easy enough for me to do and it’s just the routine we have gotten into. Rob is a great cook, capable and always willing to try different things while I tend to stick to the … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Autumn


Because I am old, pregnant and boring if you were to run into me today you would hear me gushing about the weather because: SUNSHINE! (cue sound of choir as well). And after SO much rain and drizzle we have SUNSHINE! And WIND! It's what I call a superior washing day. I've got 3 loads on the go out … [Read more...]

The tally


Any good relationship therapist or book you can read will tell you that it’s best not to keep scores. A constant feeling of I did this so you should do that, is not great for relationships. Invisible tallies created in our minds can only lead to resentment and anger. And so I try my very best to not … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: carby comfort food

PicMonkey Collage

It's dreary here again today, and while I (and my washing pile) are DESPERATE to see some sunshine, I am quite pleased that this weather can let me indulge in some carb loading. Surely that's needed for labour right? Here's a selection of delicious carby comfort food, my very favourite … [Read more...]

One thing: The car


Top of the to-do list since we knew we were having another kid was getting a bigger car. We had a standard 5 seater SUV thingy (Hyundai 135 for those wanting those kind of details) all I knew about that car was it was reliable, it did a LOT of km's and that it disappointingly never had an outside … [Read more...]

Baby stuff


Soft pants are on, guts are hanging out (full of pizza), slippers are on and tootsies faced towards the fire. Friday evening is officially here and I am exhausted after a couple of busy days. I've been running around getting stuff done, as well as some extra lovely baby stuff too. Yesterday I was … [Read more...]

Charred fennel: the perfect Autumn side

bev - fenn-27

A fabulous and delicious vegetable I always get a hankering for this time of year is the humble fennel. Different to the herb fennel that you may know, this is the white bulb of the plant that can be prepared in a variety of ways. My Mum is a huge fan and has converted me as a lover of this aniseed … [Read more...]