One thing: a simple trip to the hardware store

Oh it's SO good to have the bigs back at School. There's time to get stuff done! Well, as much as you can with an almost two year old in tow. But since Wednesday I have hit the ground running all in the name of GETTING SHIT DONE. While most of it has been everyday typo stuff, yesterday from … [Read more...]

Things I like {The Dottie edition}

This morning we  popped over to visit Miss Dot who is now a whole 6 days old. Not even a week! Luce got home from hospital under 24 hours after Dorothy was born and is settling into life as a family of four. There's lots of baked goods being consumed, endless cups of half drunk tea, delirium and … [Read more...]

At the kitchen bench with Babymac – some tickets left!

Holy MOLY we are hosting our first "At the Kitchen Bench" with me NEXT WEEKEND in beautiful Kangaloon! How did that happen? I am SO excited about this event and thrilled that ticket sales have been going so well. There are a few spaces left for next weekend (pretty much sold out the 20th May) … [Read more...]

Maggie gets her first hair cut

Just in case I wasn't sure that Maggie is actually no longer a baby (the arrival of tiny Dorothy has made that SO obvious now) this morning we really sealed the deal. Maggie got her first hair cut. The mullet was off the charts so we needed to straighten it up and thicken up what was there. … [Read more...]

Monday Meal ideas: Autumn favourites

I know it's been 2 weeks since we have been home but I STILL can't get back fully into the swing of things. I think School holidays have thrown me completely. I cannot get my cooking mojo back, I have been eating pretty badly (Easter), drinking too much (school holidays) and generally just feeling a … [Read more...]

Welcome Miss Dorothy May Mitchell!

I've been a nervous wreck waiting on the arrival of Lucy's baby. It's been such a wait, and when you find out someone is preggers from the very beginning, well it seems like a VERY long wait indeed. There were plenty of false starts, but FINALLY yesterday afternoon one Miss Dorothy May Mitchell … [Read more...]

Round here: The School holidays edition

It's Friday of the longest (shortest) week of the year. Are you feeling like that too? I always get so confused after a long weekend, moreso after an Easter one, and while it's been short its been very long thanks to the school holidays. My week has looked like this: With gorgeous sunny … [Read more...]

Shoes made for walking: BabyMac & FRANKiE4 in NYC

A sponsored post for FRANKiE4 Footwear I knew that this trip to New York was going to be much different from my last. For a start, the time of the year was different: last time it was the middle of an oppressively hot summer. Cab rides were the travel of choice as hitting the pavements and … [Read more...]

And all the leaves on the trees are falling

There's no better time (in my humble opinion) in this village than right now. Autumn. Easter time. The place is looking picture perfect, I mean, stop driving and pull over LOOK AT THIS PLACE beautiful. The girls get sick of hearing me talk about the light, THE LIGHT, but I can't and actually won't … [Read more...]

Maggie is 23 months old!

Um, someone will be turning two next month. No more baby. No more liddle person. Just this BIG, adorable, BUSY little lady. Who is now 23 months old. It's also occurred to me that I forgot to do a monthly update last month on her (because: well busyness and getting ready for NY and perhaps … [Read more...]

Easter 2017

How good is Easter Monday when you don't have anywhere to be, no traffic to deal with and an empty house after days filled with people and feeding and things to do? Very good! While I have been busy washing and restoring order I can report that it's almost midday and my bra is still not … [Read more...]

BabyMac eats NYC

Well, not all of it. But I gave it a pretty good go. For me, NYC and food is where it's at. The sheer amount of people, and places to eat and the fact that the place never stops, like ever, makes it such a hot spot for good food and drinks. The thing I love the most about New York is that … [Read more...]

Full heart, tired head

I thought that the jet lag was going to much worse than it really has been. Between never really properly sleeping when we were away (I think I got about 4 or 5 hours tops most nights) in between LOTS of walking, I was just in a constant state of adrenalin, and a little anxiety and excitement and … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Easter Everything!

Um, so it's Easter this week? Huh? With the trip and arriving home and jet lag and everything in between I am trying to get my head around the fact that it's Easter THIS weekend AND that it's School holidays. For the next 2 and a half weeks. Huh? My key word for the past few days has been … [Read more...]

I got you girl

A few days ago I was standing in the subway with Rob when I said "I feel like (but of course I felt like!) I need some gold high tops from NY" and he probs rolled his eyes but then said "yeah you do". So it came as no surprise a few days later when I found myself rushing into a sports store a few … [Read more...]

Tuesday Haiku

What's not to love about this place? Free haikus offered in the bar of our hotel where we had a drink tonight is a start. I was feeling a little tired and angsty and a little nostalgic as it's our last night here. I sat and read a great book that was in the library section about the buildings … [Read more...]

Manhattan Monday

We've just got back to the hotel from another morning hitting the town while the sun shone. I've just done a quick calculation and I've clocked up 101.5kms since we arrived last week. That's not bad is it? Lucky for me there's plenty of walking between all that pizza and much walking … [Read more...]

I feel like…

One of my favourite expressions that I have heard EVERYONE saying since we arrived is "I feel like". Whether its been walking down the street and listening to people talking or on the subway people having in depth conversations everyone is feeling like something. I can't stop saying it myself pretty … [Read more...]

Saturday in the city

Yesterday we checked out of our hotel and moved a little further uptown to The Arlo NoMad. The weather was FOUL, it actually was sleeting when we left The Ludlow and so when we arrived at our new hotel and waited to check in, we found ourselves perched in the bar for many hours. By the time we got … [Read more...]

The best days

My goodness we are having fun. I mean, I'm sure it's not all that interesting to you all, but I want to capture every moment, each morning or afternoon so when we are back home soon enough, making lunch and putting out fights between the girls, I can trawl back through these photos and remember it … [Read more...]