That place, this year

As Biebs so poetically said, and as I hear ALL the is worth living. And staring down the barrel of a big new one, it's good to have plans and things to look forward to right? For a start, I am really REALLY looking forward to Monday and getting some routine and order back in our lives. … [Read more...]

Back to it.

I've been trying to work out just why I feel as tired as I do from our holiday. And then I kind of worked it out. You see, we had my niece staying with us from the 8th December. Which was wonderful but it also meant later nights for the girls, especially at the end of the year and all the activities … [Read more...]

Christmas 2016

And there's Christmas done for another year...all that prep, planning been and gone. And for us? It couldn't have gone any better. A relaxing day filled with lots of memories that have been locked away for a life time. Christmas eve we had a stormy afternoon and evening as we sat under the verandah … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

While many people are rushing around grabbing groceries and getting organised for the next few days ahead, we are well and truly in holiday mode here. We arrived at Pittwater on Thursday night and have settled into holiday life. Lots of happy kids and cousins, amazing food and endless meals being … [Read more...]

Same, same

Right now there are many families packing up and getting their heads around Christmas or a holiday afterwards. For me, this morning, I walked around the chemist like a zombie trying to work out all the things that I needed to get before we head away on Thursday for a week over Christmas and then up … [Read more...]

Girls escape aka: Mums on the loose

The biggest hand to play in my #notafatmoleforchristmas in terms of looking after ME and putting myself further up the chain this term came this week....a cheeky escape with two of my mates in the very last week of the School year. That's right, I engineered an escape in the last few days where … [Read more...]

Giveaway! The Capital Cookbook 3

The winners have been chosen & emailed! Congrats to Jacq & Sam! Have you guys been to Canberra lately? And by lately, I mean since your year 6 camp trip there in 1990. It's had quite the renaissance of cool places to stay and eat. REALLY! You can see a couple of times we have been there … [Read more...]

Family time: 24 hours in the city

Was it really this time last week that Rob and I escaped a night without the kids? Where does a week go? Fast forward a week and now it was time for some wholesome family time. It's been a BIG year for us all. Rob has been the busiest he's been in a long time, with lots of travel. We now have this … [Read more...]

Mum & Dad on the loose: 24 hours child free

It's not often that Rob and I get some time alone and together, without kids but that's exactly what went down over the weekend just past, and I have to say, boy was it good. You see, it was one of the beloved Gay Godfather's 40th's and so with a little organisation, a lot of juggling and  more … [Read more...]

Mouse and her BabyMac spot

Now I have to tell you guys about just about my FAVOURITE part of the whole adventure into the outback and that was meeting Felicity aka Mouse. Here she is in all her glory when we arrived after 14 hours of travel in 42 degree heat at Barkly Homestead. A vision splendid with her G&T … [Read more...]

Barkly Women’s Day 2016

We’re on our way back from the most amazing few days out in the very middle of this great country of ours. We headed to the Barkly Women's Day to talk to a group of rural women of QLD & the NT who get together twice a year to catch up with fellow females and hear (hopefully) something … [Read more...]

Escape to the beach

Yesterday morning I woke up and opened the curtains, as I do every morning to see what the day has given us. I was immediately annoyed because it was STILL windy, so I did what I would normally do when I wanted to complain about the wind, I text my sister. She gets it. You see, we were SO annoyed … [Read more...]

BabyMac’s Ultimate Travel Tips

I've been reminded this week (thanks to Facebook) that this time last year we were travelling through Italy. Well, this morning I went to the IGA and got some dylon stain remover to fix a white shirt of Rob's I ruined  that he had bought in Italy so same, same really. Sigh. I often get asked … [Read more...]

Full & thorough reporting

You guys! It's been busy as ever around these parts AND I have been on a plane again! Best I give you all a full & thorough reporting on what's been going on - whenever it's something more glamorous than home and supermarkets I will report! Let's start here though. It would be remiss of me … [Read more...]

The joy of a hotel stay

Recently I have had the pleasure of a few stays in hotels. Honestly, it's one of my absolute pleasures in life. Is there anything better than crisp, white hotel bedlinen? Towels freshly stacked ready for use that someone else will pick up off the ground? Blinds that will shut until pitch … [Read more...]

Full & thorough reporting

Time we had a full debrief over the past week as I have been actually doing stuff other than washing and hanging with the baby, so let's discuss that shall we? OK great, make a cuppa and pull up a pew. Last Monday I put the kids to bed, packed my bag and hightailed it up to Sydney for a week of … [Read more...]

Local Spotlight: Solar Springs Health Retreat

An invitation to come and spend the night at a local health retreat here in the Highlands could not have come at a better time for me. I've been sick, looking after sick kids and just generally feeling very meh as we tend to in late winter. I was thrilled to check out a local institution, as well as … [Read more...]

Some good places in Byron Bay

We've had a great week up here, although the weather has been a little gloomy at least it's not minus 3 or 4 gloomy which it appears to be at home. I've had tshirts on and the girls even made it for a swim on Sunday morning. While travelling with a baby means that we are home in the middle of the … [Read more...]

The Farm Byron Bay

I think the main thing people kept telling me when I said I was going to Byron and that was "go to The Farm". So this morning, we did. I can see why everyone kept saying so - what an amazing spot. Basically a working farm their philosophy to Grow, Feed, Educate - they grow animals, flowers and … [Read more...]

Walk to the Lighthouse

We made it to Byron! What a gorgeous spot! This morning I took the big two on a big walk from the centre of town up to the Lighthouse with a group of the family we are all staying with. I didn't know whether my friend Harper would be ok to make the walk which I think ended up being over 10kms in … [Read more...]