Monday meal ideas: Pasta

It occurred to me as I was stripping a bed this morning and hanging out the second load of washing for the day that this time next week we will be waking up in Trastevere in Rome! SHIT! I have got a very busy week ahead of me getting us packed and organised and just generally stressing about things … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: super quick cooking

We've got another busy week ahead of us. Rob and I were drinking our coffee this morning in the kitchen, ready to tackle the girls breakfast and school lunches in disbelief that it's September next week! Dead set, where does the time go? It's been a busy year for us thats for sure. And in 3 weeks … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week easy dinners

What a weekend! A wonderful birthday yesterday (more details on that to follow later on today) and here we are staring down the barrel of another bloody week. How does it happen?! The term is whizzing by, our big OS holiday is fast approaching and there a million and one extra cirricular things … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Sweets for my sweet

This breastfeeding business has given me an insatiable hunger for all things sweet. I just cannot get enough of that sweetness, mixed with some butter and eggs and I am DONE. My baking has been prolific during this time and while I know it cannot last, I figure the extra fat is keeping me warm in … [Read more...]

Weekend cooking: Mussels & chips {Moules frites}

Originating In Belgium but popular in France and Northern Europe Moules Frites or Mussels with chips truly is a dish I could scoff at for hours. Tasty mussels with a sauce that begs for bread and with a side of chips? Carbs and carbs? Yes m'am! Whilst I rarely eat them these days (it's been a … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: simmering stove tops

After a long weekend in the sun and actual WARMTH it has been quite the rude shock to come back to the Highlands to a howling biting wind and a temperature at the moment (10am) of 1 degree. Brrrrr! Looks like it's going to be freezing all week too so I'm looking for recipes that will bubble away on … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Roasts

In this cold weather what's better to walk into when you come out of the cold but to smell a roast sizzling away in the oven? The answer to that is NOTHING! If you have the time during the week a cheeky roast chook or pork belly is always a winner and on the weekend when you might have some more … [Read more...]

Got lemons? Make lemon curd

I've got another lemon recipe coming at you this week...namely because that bowl of lemons is STILL full and I couldn't bear to see them wasted. I know lots of you guys have groaning trees as well, so here's a simple and DELICIOUS way to use them up....making lemon curd. Lemon curd or lemon … [Read more...]

Lemon Meringue Pie

You know what we've got a lot of at the moment? Given to us by lovely local friends with groaning lemon trees I happily take them all and do what I can to use them up in cooking. And with lemons you know it usually means...sweets! I stayed at Mum's last week after I got back from Melbourne … [Read more...]

Monday Meal ideas: Seafood

I cooked mussels for dinner for Rob and I on Saturday night and it reminded me just how easy and DELICIOUS seafood is to make. I never seem to add it into my shopping I have vowed this week to try and make more of an effort with it and add it into our weekly meals a little more … [Read more...]

Sticky Date Pudding

On Sunday we were hoping for a cold snap that would see snow fall around these parts. I got excited and called my friend Mrs Munro and suggested we have a hot lunch at our place: roast beef and béarnaise sauce and for dessert a sticky date pudding with hot caramel sauce. I had visions of us sitting … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Chicken

Oh man it's been a tough few days around here. Poor Harps got very sick towards the end of last week with an infection (she had been off pretty much all the holidays but it finally came to a head) and only yesterday started to turn the corner. I'm not my best...exhausted and cranky and the kids are … [Read more...]

River Cafe’s Roast Pork on the bone

We went to my Mum's last week for dinner and my step dad made the most delicious roast pork on the Weber. Simple and delicious, I should have known it was a River Cafe classic. Plus it was a one pot wonder which is my favourite way of cooking so I just had to share it. River Cafe's Roast Pork on … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Winter comfort food

Are we in the middle of winter yet? Certainly feels like it don't you think? Cold days and freezing nights around these parts with endless cups of tea needed to warm me up during the day. It calls for comfort food at night. Things that will bubble on the stove top and fill the house with warming … [Read more...]

Zucchini & parmesan soup

When I put up the Monday meal ideas for soup someone on Instagram said to me that I must try Zucchini & parmesan soup. I'd never even heard of this combo before but it got me thinking. Then obsessing about it which meant one thing: I HAD TO MAKE IT. Added bonus it's bloody freezing and there's … [Read more...]

Winter Warmer recipe: Braised beef in beer

A sponsored post for Origin Energy Anyone that knows me, knows my love of all things winter. The fire, cold weather, clothing, boots, food and drink all speaks to my soul and makes for a happy Beth. There’s not much more I love on a freezing cold day to have something delicious bubbling away on … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: winter soups

It's going to be another chilly week PLUS it's school holidays which means there will be lots of time spent at home (not that that's anything new round these parts at the moment). So that means SOUP. I make a pot, attempt to offer it up as a meal for the girls, (mostly) have them turn their noses up … [Read more...]

Homemade cold remedy: Hot Toddy

Is there sickness going around your place at the moment? Rob has had a nasty cold last week which he has recovered from, and almost every parent at end of term assembly yesterday was sniffing and coughing. It's the season for it I guess. Here's my recipe for whipping up a hot toddy. While not … [Read more...]

Retro goodness

This past week I have been lucky enough to indulge in a few little blasts from the past in my favourite way to do so: BY EATING THEM. On Friday afternoon Rob came home from school pick up with a heart shaped tupperware container from my friend filled with none other than sweet mushroom tarts! … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Bake me a cake!

I went searching through all my CWA cookbooks on the weekend for a recipe for those sweet little mushroom tarts (alas I couldn't find it) but I did get a serious hankering for some baking. So many cakes to bake! I think this week I am going to attempt something new. Well, I'll try at … [Read more...]