Soup for one: Mushroom, pea & spinach


Those preggo cravings are at it again and (thankfully) this time it's veggies! GIMME THE GREEN STUFF. I fed the family leftovers the other night which left me to my own devices so I could eat all the thing that they won't. I made this up as I went, and it was delicious so thought I better share it … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Seafood

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I am terrible at incorporating seafood into our weekly meals. I get lazy, I forget to buy the stuff, I am a little afraid of cooking fish and sometimes it just hard and expensive to add it into the trolley. But I am going to make more of an effort - even if it's some simple tuned tuna tossed through … [Read more...]

Slow roasted pork belly

pork belly-11

Anyone who knows me, knows my passion for all things pig. In my humble opinion, there is no greater beast. No beast that provides so many of life’s joys all Crispy bacon with some oozing eggs on a lazy Sunday morning. Slice of thin, carved ham with lashings of butter on thick toast on Christmas … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Sides

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If cooking wasn't bad enough, most meals require a side dish to go with it. I know! This time of the year we go for lots of salads but in a few weeks time things will start to get cooler so it will be more veggies. In any case, something green will be involved, because that's what my Mum always told … [Read more...]

Wild apple caramel crumble

Wild Apple-8

If you have an apple tree, or apple trees anywhere you live you will notice an abundance this year! We have one wild tree in the backyard that I always thought was a crabapple until one year we let them go and they got bigger, and bigger, and the fruit lost of sourness with the bigger size. Now we … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week chicken

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If there's one thing that's always in my trolley each week, it's chicken. It's cheap, versatile and can be added with so many different kinds of salads that it makes an appearance on our menu at least once, every week. Here are some quick ideas for chicken dishes that will work with different … [Read more...]

Weekend sipper: The Michelada


I gave Rob Cantina by Paul Wilson for Christmas in the hope of some exciting mexican meals for us all. Rob ADORES Mexican food from his time travelling throughout central & south America and I knew he would love the things on offer. Last weekend he sat down and had a perusal of the book. He … [Read more...]

You’re drunk Martha, go home: Chocolate puddings


I saw this video come through on Martha's Facebook page last week and I was intrigued. I mean the stuff looked like sweet, thick, chocolate custard or mousse. And given my dairy desires when duffed (my idea of heaven would be to bathe in chocolate yogo whilst sipping on a thick shake with a cold … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Pasta

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Pasta always features in our meals during the week because: PASTA! I love all the different variations, the speed in which it can be made, the fact you can make the sauce earlier in the day and just reheat when the pasta is boiled....and leftovers! Here are some pasta recipes from the vault, … [Read more...]

Roasted sweet potato, fetta & spinach rigatoni


If there's one thing I have been craving this pregnancy it's been vegetables. Lots of leafy greens and mushrooms, give me ALL the mushrooms. I've been cooking them up and having them with lots of eggs and on toast and sometimes...pasta. Because sometimes, more carbs is MORE. I usually roast up … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Australia day Lamb

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Happy Australia Day friends! Whilst we aren't entertaining or have any plans to celebrate the day in style I know plenty of you will be. Here are some ideas for our beloved national food obsession: lamb. And lamb on the BBQ at that! May your Aeroguard be strong, your bubbles cold and your BBQ … [Read more...]

Weekend entertaining ideas


It's the weekend! And even better than that, it's a beautiful summery weekend in January! Got some people coming around for brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner today or tomorrow? Here's some entertaining ideas for you! Pulled pork tacos with salsa Lemonade scones Tuna dukkah dip Pork … [Read more...]

Sunday morning breakfast

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We've woken to a rainy Sunday morning here which calls for one thing, actually two. Hot coffee first and then a good breakfast. Here's a whole lot of ideas just ready and waiting to go. Eggs with asparagus soldiers Pancakes/crepes Corn fritters with bacon Eggs and bacon with spinach and … [Read more...]

The online supermarket over order: baby spinach


My holidaying house guest Ms Styling You is quite the organised person. Having read her blog or known how she always crosses her t's and dots her i's I should not have been surprised that as soon as she realised that the house we are in has an Nespresso machine, but no pods, that the postie would … [Read more...]

5 Christmas Day Lunch shortcuts


A sponsored post for Woolworths Created with Jamie With Rob and I both having parents that have divorced Christmas time is a VERY busy time indeed. There are 4 potential Christmas lunches, lots of catch ups and for the girls, lots of presents! Throw in catching up with friends from home, other … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: A Christmas cornucopia!

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In the last Monday meal ideas for the year I thought that I would hit you up with ideas for the big day. Food wise that is. I'm talking the main event. The big lunch. The sides that could go with the big lunch. The drinks to serve with the big lunch. ALL OF THE THINGS. Brussel sprouts … [Read more...]

Jamie Oliver make ahead gravy


Every year at Christmas time I make sure I whip up a batch of this DELICIOUS gravy. And when I say every year, I mean the past 3 or 4 because I only saw it on one of his Christmas specials then. The best bit about it for me is that you can make it ahead. A few days and whack it in the fridge. A few … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: shortcuts

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I don't know about you, but I am *this* close to throwing the towel in for the year. The girls are EXHAUSTED, we are limping to the finish line and we STILL have 2 more bloody weeks of this! All this combined with things after school, Christmas parties and catch up's mean that dinner will be here … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: baking bonanza!

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Could be the season but I am in the mood for baking! Here are a whole heap of ideas for lunch boxes, morning teas, Preschool end of year celebrations, school bring a plate alongs. Banana Bread Rhubarb jam 6 minute butterscotch sauce Date loaf Chocolate cake (aka Anne) Cinnamon tea … [Read more...]

Dinner hack


You know when you are roasting your potatoes for dinner (because inevitably I'm doing some kind of meat with 3 veg scenario) and then you know you have to cook some other bits but you would rather poke yourself in the eye than do that? I have a solution! Last night we were having some lamb chops … [Read more...]