Solving the Big Issues: Buttering the sambo

I am very lucky to have Rob around in the mornings helping out with the kids, making me coffee, pointing out current affairs that are going on in the world and generally making me laugh. He points out that I am like a Whirling Dervish cleaning plates and knifes and cups before they are finished, I … [Read more...]

How do you like them apples?

I feel you girlfriend. There's this thing that my children do that makes me go bat shit crazy. Well, one of the things at least. They might be having a discussion about something, say, like apples. And Daisy will say that you can eat and apple this way. And Harper may realise that while you can … [Read more...]

Salt Therapy

It occurred to me the other day (not that I'm obsessed with time or anything at the moment) that we haven't really had a good day (you know where we do something fun or nice that everyone enjoys together and everyone is happy and well) since about the 3rd Jan. It also occurs to me when I trawl … [Read more...]

Dinner hack: Schnitty shortcut

During the holidays I made the girls some pikelets for morning tea, it must have been pretty early on to show such caring and wholesome ways, but they were made with quite a bit of leftover mixture leftover in the fridge which I thought I'd use the next day. Later that night I went to make schnitty … [Read more...]

Children’s book Giveaway: Wish Soup

Out of all the things that I love about living here in the Highlands my very favourite thing, hands down, would be the weather. The seasons. How I know that winter is coming because the daphne starts to bud and the hellebores flower. When the clematis and wisteria is out around the house it's … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: This old thing

OK Monday, let's start over again shall we? Each week I think good, thank GOODNESS that last week is behind us because SHIT, that was pretty bad. And then we have a week like we just had, and I think thank GOODNESS that week is behind us because SHIT. Are we sensing a pattern here? In any case, … [Read more...]

One thing: My desk

I don't have an office or anywhere Pinterest worthy where I sit and work. In reality there is a desk that sits against a wall near the girls bedrooms that mostly gets "stuff" put on it, mail and the like and where my laptop sits and re-charges. It's where I end up filing away all our paperwork and … [Read more...]

Smells like teen spirit

Yesterday morning I found myself with a few spare hours so where else to go for some alone time? Big W of course! I know, it's a sad state of affairs around here. I wanted to go over to the shopping centre where Big dubs is because I also needed to get to office works and a few other places that all … [Read more...]


Oh hello Thursday, welcome. Perhaps you should put on a flak jacket before coming too close though.   Urgh I tell you what, the PMT I get right after having kids is some of the very worst kind I ever get. I know because I searched it on the blog and every time it seems to be worse in … [Read more...]

A brain fart, if you will

Anyone else finding it a little hard to get their back to normal life groove back? I said to Rob the other day it feels a little like I am in slow motion, just unable to get fully into the swing of all the tasks that are usually easy. I suppose it's been the exhaustion from sickness, combined with a … [Read more...]

Not a little bit married, but very married

Saturday morning Rob and I were doing what we normally do. No, not having sex like we might have on Saturday mornings in times of yore, we were walking down to the kitchen wiping the sleep from our eyes, carrying the baby and getting to that coffee machine to switch it on. It had been a shit of a … [Read more...]

Round here

* taps mic* Um, hi there. Sheesh. Look at that, a whole week without a blog post. But I'm back (ish) a little worse for wear and definitely looking un-fresh. But back. Let's all take a moment to relish in this: It's February which means that that god awful January we just went through is … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Lamb

So, tomorrow is Australia day which never really means anything for us around these parts. We are going to be home, trying to get over these sicknesses that are just going on and on and on and did I mention on? We are in week 4 of it this week...that's FOUR weeks of someone being sick, coughing, … [Read more...]

One thing: TOYS

If the toy situ at your place is anything like mine, it looks like this most of the time. Maybe there is a designated storage cupboard or spot where they go but they inevitably get filled up badly when things get put back, or there are just piles, ready to topple at any given moment filled … [Read more...]

Zucchini recipes

It occurred to me yesterday when I posted about the zucchini chips that you guys might have quite a few zucchinis in your veggie patches at the moment. A summer glut that you need to get rid of. Thought I would share some of the recipes that I have on here for you because really, how good are … [Read more...]

Zucchini chips

Things were looking pretty dire in our fridge earlier this week. Considering we are deep into School holidays this was not a good situ. At all. I can tell you that my PCL's were right up there in the discomfort level given that I was down to my last tub of Lurpak and dinner was going to have … [Read more...]

So your baby is starting school next week?

Wait, what? Didn't you just bring them home from the hospital and now apparently they are big enough to go to School? Say what? But it's true this time next week for lots of us there will be new Kinders starting School and for lots of you that means some really big changes. Emotionally, … [Read more...]

Long, quiet & slow days

Besides our time up at the farm after Christmas, pretty much every day of the holidays we have done the same thing: and that's a whole lot of nothing. Girls have spent many a day in their nighties, sometimes getting out of them for the bath, only to hop back into them again after. We've had sickness … [Read more...]

Mini Quiches

Last night I whipped these up for the girls dinner before I headed out to boot camp. Did you like what I did just there? Don't panic, I ate about 13 or 14 of them when they were cooked, I liked to think of it as carb loading. I had a few people ask for the recipe and when I looked at the recipe I … [Read more...]

A little sibling rivalry

This is my little sister and I. We're close, no doubts about it, even though there are 5 years between the two of us. She still likes high heels and I'm still mostly in bare feet. We spent our childhood playing together, a lot. Barbies, dolls, dress ups, plays, you name it, we used to do, for … [Read more...]