Tea with Mrs C


Last week I had the pleasure of taking Maggie to her first ever tea with my friend Mrs C, or as I affectionately call her, Boofy. Mrs C is one of my all time favourite people, a wicked sense of humour, as classy as they come and one of the kindest hearts. She adores my girls and Rob and stood in as … [Read more...]

The Baby Files #2


You know what's not helpful when you have a young baby? Comparing said young baby to other babies or thinking about what they "should" be doing. I'm getting to be an old hand at this mothering business, what with Mags being my third and all, so there's a few things I might know from doing my time in … [Read more...]

The 1st of September


I think it was on the first of September last year that I found out I was pregnant. Huh. I remember calling my friend Eden, so she wouldn't have to remember the 1st of September as being the day of the last time she saw her brother, and now she remembers this day as the day she found out about … [Read more...]

BabyMac 2015 reader survey


Happy 1st day of Spring! Isn't there something about the start of a new season? All that expectation and promise? Hopes of warm, sunny days, balmy nights under the stars, swimming in the ocean, walking through the cool bush on a hot day. Ice creams, cold beers, hot chips, prawns, and only all the … [Read more...]

Timber height chart winner


Thanks so much for all of the fab entries to the Height chart giveaway from Mister Goma. Mister G was thrilled with all the comments and has chosen a winner! Congrats to.... Rowena from Vintage Nobility With this comment: With our little one due in October what better timing than to have such a … [Read more...]

Family Photo shoot winner!


Thanks so much for all the great entries to the giveaway. Poor Pez has been beside herself having to choose just one winner! She sent me an email last night which she wanted me to share with you guys: Can I please just say to the readers thank you so, so much? I read each and every comment … [Read more...]

Over the Back Fence {Season 5 Ep 1}


Just like Elvis in '68, Neighbour and I are back in this comeback special to open season 5. In this episode we talk the Hayne Train/Plane, television, the trials of book week, winter growth, indoor bird poo and 'getting a man in'.... You can listen to it online here: Or you can subscribe … [Read more...]

Fathers Day giveaway from Mister Goma worth $299


Eeeeek, I just figured out that it's Fathers Day next weekend. And not to alarm anyone unnecessarily, but it's SEPTEMBER next week. Sheesh. One of my readers has given you guys one hot giveaway for Fathers Day next week. That way you don't even have to come up with a present. How good is that? … [Read more...]

New Spring catalogue in the Oxfam Shop

PicMonkey Collage

One of the things I enjoyed learning about when we were down in Melbourne last month visiting Oxfam was the Oxfam Shop. Oxfam Shop is a passionate supporter of fair trade and work with 136 Fair Trade and ethical producer partners in 38 countries around the world, including Australia.  Through fair … [Read more...]

Win a Family Photo Shoot worth $450


I got an email from a reader Katherine (or as she likes to be called, Pez) a few months ago. She's a photographer and a Mum and had her third baby (a beautiful little girl) the day after Maggie was born. We finally got ourselves together (no mean feat with TWO baby brains at play) and met on Sunday … [Read more...]

Make your 8 year old fall in love with reading {again}

Picture One Option One

Recently Rob and I have noticed that our once keen 8 year old reader Daisy had started getting lazy. She was spending more time watching Merlin, than reading about him. Asking for picture books before bed rather than chapter books and generally just showing a lack of interest. For book lovers like … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 76


Wet where you are? It's pissing down here. I wish I could enjoy the rain however whenever it's like this our septic tank doesn't enjoy it and we usually end up with that flooded, a busted pump and unable to wash/use anything inside. It's glamorous. I hope you are dry where you are. Something … [Read more...]

One thing: The windows


Being the clean freak fruit loop that I am, I tend to attack the windows in the house every 6 months or so. Our windows are gorgeous, with lots of little window panes, but boy are they are a pain in the arse to clean. With the shoot we had a week or so fast approaching, and a baby, and a case of … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: super quick cooking


We've got another busy week ahead of us. Rob and I were drinking our coffee this morning in the kitchen, ready to tackle the girls breakfast and school lunches in disbelief that it's September next week! Dead set, where does the time go? It's been a busy year for us thats for sure. And in 3 weeks … [Read more...]



As every Mother would know, the pressure in the daily kitchen is immense. The judges tough. And the pressure, unrelenting. Faced with the daunting task of yet another high pressure cook, tonight I took the risky move of attempting to plate up two dishes. … [Read more...]

Cleaning from the inside out: Probiotic Solutions


A sponsored post for Probiotic Solutions I’ve recently discovered the benefits of taking a daily Probiotic tablet to keep my insides happy. Since having Maggie I have been making sure that I take one each day along with my other postnatal care tablets. Whilst it’s keeping my guts happy (haven’t … [Read more...]

The Baby Files #1


I figure that I can no longer call Maggie a newborn right? Now she is 3 months old we are through the Newborn phase I think? Not that you would know with the amount of sleep going on around these parts. This is where we are at week 13.5 #wokeuplikethis DEAR SWEET BABY CHEESES MARY IS … [Read more...]

The big scary thing


There's this thing. That I have meant to do for some time now, but it's been so big and scary in my head that I have put it off because: SCARY. My mind has made me think that it's scarier than it probably will be (as minds tend to do with scary stuff) and I have put it off, and off and OFF until … [Read more...]

38 goes alright


As the clock ticked over to my 38th birthday I was amazed that I was awake, feeding our new beautiful baby girl. Oh what a year its been. Last year Rob and I went away for the night for my birthday and had a serious discussion about whether we would or wouldn't try for another baby and look at us … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week easy dinners


What a weekend! A wonderful birthday yesterday (more details on that to follow later on today) and here we are staring down the barrel of another bloody week. How does it happen?! The term is whizzing by, our big OS holiday is fast approaching and there a million and one extra cirricular things … [Read more...]