Self Kindness and Baked cheesecake

How's the start of your new year and all your resolutions, hopes/dreams and goals going?  I have been trying to not eat with such gay abandon but also be kind to myself as much as possible (sounds like the perfect excuse right?). I'm up and down with it all and have found it much harder on the self … [Read more...]

Full Maggie Update: 2 years, 9 months

If I was to say to Maggie today, how about this? How about that? She would say back to me, How about NO? And that my friends, sums up Miss Maggie Roslyn Macdonald at 2 years, 9 months. Oooh we have a live one here! And hasn't she come into her own this past month? Sister's back at School, … [Read more...]

One thing: Those bloody photo books

Another thing that sits on my "ongoing guilt list of shit that needs to get done but cannot be bothered and now it's too late so maybe I won't do it but will just continue to feel vaguely guilty about it" are those bloody photo books. From like, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Funnily enough that this … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless Monday

How often do you cook meat free if you are not normally vego? I must admit that I don't do it that often, but try and sneak it in when I can. These dishes of mine are absolute crackers because they taste and look SO good that no would even realise they are "missing" out on anything. The veggies or … [Read more...]

Daisy is now 11!

Our sweet Valentine turned 11 on Wednesday, a simple celebration filled with all the things that she wanted: some new things for her grown up bedroom (she gave her room a little makeover after Christmas) and so asked for new bedlinen and odds and ends...including some succulents from her Grandma … [Read more...]

Number One

It's almost impossible to convey the absolute shift in the very essence of yourself that comes when having your first child isn't it? That first child, number one, who changed everything. What can you ever say to your first child that would let them know all that they have done to/for you? I always … [Read more...]

Spinach, cheese (& anything green) triangles

I'm always looking for ways to use up all the veggies in the bottom of the crisper - whether it's a fry up, fried rice, a soup I hate seeing sad, droopy vegetables go to waste. Seeing this happen on the weekend and being asked to bring something to Mum's, I decided to make up a variation on a … [Read more...]

Weekends filled with bubbles and pre-birthday parties

Goodness me that weekend whooshed by didn't it? One minute it was Friday night (dead/exhausted etc etc) and the next thing it was 8.15am Monday morning and I had to wake up EVERY kid. Why don't they do that shit on the weekend I ask you? We had such a lovely weekend - lots of social catch ups … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: MINCE

If there's one thing that makes it into my trolley every week, it's a humble packet of mince. Chicken, pork, beef or lamb it gets a run because it's cheap, can feed the family and can be turned into so many different things. Here are some of my favourite recipes for the old stalwart. Beef … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

Is it just me who feels EXHAUSTED this Friday night? I looked at Daisy over dinner tonight, say the black bags under her eyes and knew that this FULL on feeling isn't just me. The adrenalin of a new year is wearing off, good intentions can be slipping as reality and back into routine that we … [Read more...]

5 Good things

You know when you are using something and every time you get it out, you think "this is GOOD"? I have been doing that a few times lately with a few different products and I thought I would round them up into one MASTER list of good things I have found/been using lately that I reckon are pretty … [Read more...]

Bringing Stills to Life: Shooting video for the first time on your digital camera

A sponsored Post for Olympus There is something magical about the moving image isn’t there? Throw some music in, add some slow-mo and usually I will shed a little tear over people I don’t even know. It just takes things to the next level and can often make the ordinary, extraordinary. Having … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: B-A-N-A-N-A-S

As sure as Monday will be here before any of us are entirely ready for it, there will be bananas left in my fruit bowl at the end of every week. They are eaten (mostly) but there's always one or two left to over ripen in their loneliness, only to make it to the freezer or into a banana bread for … [Read more...]

Great Australian Bake Off Series 3: Week 3 BISCUIT WEEK {recap}

We’ve lost 2 bakers with Alex leaving last week and German Jane Hall (aka Claudia) last week’s star baker, the 10 remaining bakers are ready to tackle a jaw breaking signature & jam technical and a puzzling Show stopper. There’s lots of talk about how many fingers people like, so we know we are … [Read more...]

Toot that horn!

I've started to notice something about me in the last say, 12 months or so which I spent some time pondering over the new year period and have been re-visiting over the last few days. I am a hard worker. Always have been, and I suppose always will be. As Maggie said to me yesterday "So many jobs … [Read more...]

Luxury Couple Accomodation wish list: NSW

I recently had one of my friends contact me about wanting to book somewhere special for a 40th birthday weekend away this year. She thought I might know some good places to stay and asked for a list of of the best luxury couple accomodation in NSW. If there's one thing I LOVE it's a high-end … [Read more...]

How to fix cracked heels

Now is the summer of discontent my's been hot forever, I have been wearing little to no shoes for the past 6 weeks and last week I hit the PITS of my despair when the cracks on my heels were SO bad they were split deep, almost bleeding and I was barely able to stand or walk on … [Read more...]

Monday meal Ideas: Zucchinis!

It's this time of the year that I always see pictures of gluts of tomatoes and zucchinis (and the preserving that goes on) from people's bountiful veggie gardens and I year I will get around to it! I thought that I would share some of my fave zucchini recipes from the blog for those of … [Read more...]

Great Australian Bake off Series 3: Episode 2 BREAD WEEK {recap}

You can read my Week 1 recap here Oh Bread week, one of my favourites in the Bake off tent near or far and probably because of my DEEP love of all things carbs. Specificially bread. Mostly because with bread you get to add butter on top. At this late stage in January these virtual TV bakes should … [Read more...]

She’s here…Introducing FRANKiE 4’s latest addition….BETH!

This giveaway has now closed and a winner has been chosen. Congrats to Katie who won with this entry: "Beth, I’ve been following you a while and have been smitten with your choice in footwear for a long time. I’ve decided 2018 is the year to take care of my tired teacher feet so have started to … [Read more...]