30 Brilliant Books for Girls

For me the one thing that I buy first for Christmas EVERY year is books. I get a big online shop in, hide them when they arrive and smugly think I've done my shopping so don't do anything for the next 3 weeks. This happens EVERY year. So I am always looking for new books for my kids so was THRILLED … [Read more...]

That big thing when you were little

I was reading through the comments of my post about Nerfous Nelly's on Friday (as an aside THANK YOU to each and every one of you that leaves a comment here on the blog or on facebook. I hope you know that I read them all, try and reply when I can and most of all appreciate your views and thoughts … [Read more...]

What’s in your stack? And what’s next for us to read?

Well good afternoon friends! Hope your Monday morning is travelling OK? I am up to my eyeballs in life admin this morning...I've been going non stop and still feel like I haven't achieved much at all. I was making the bed this morning and realised how ridiculous my bedside table is looking. Check … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Biscuits

I tell you, weekends go by way too quickly. I swear I wasn't ready when this one started so it's all over before it began. Much like the pace of this year... I have a hectic work week ahead with lots to do, deadlines to meet as we head towards the end of the year. It's going to require extra … [Read more...]

The Nerfous Nelly

Maggie has started ballet this term and I have been blown away by her confidence of rushing off to the teacher, standing with other little kids, listening to her beloved teacher Miss Marie, following instructions and actually having fun. There's the odd look over to check I am watching, a wave or a … [Read more...]

Full Maggie update: 2 and a half

Which means that she will be 3 in just 6 months time. You know how quick 6 months goes right? THREE. She was just born and now she will be three. Preschool etc. OK, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. Right now, she is 2 and a half. And a bit cute. And full on. She couldn't be more 2 … [Read more...]

A good Wednesday

I came over to Mum's this morning for morning tea on a beautiful spring day in the Highlands. She made scones...YES! And we watched the news....YES! Australia has voted yes for marriage equality which has me going...YES! We have been living in strange times of late haven't we? Brexit, Trump, … [Read more...]

6 easy ways to get your shit together at home

After a weekend of non stop action around the house and feeling approximately 10,000% better about it, I thought I would remind myself (and maybe you too) just how a little effort can make you feel so much better about your living space. A little effort makes for HUGE results and can make you feel … [Read more...]

Weekends filled with work & play

In an unheard of turn of events the diary on the weekend showed NOTHING. Not one plan. Not one dinner or lunch, nowhere to go and nowhere to be (actually a little like last weekend too). It was SO good. But unlike last weekend when I was so exhausted that I literally could not get out of bed to the … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Wrap it up!

Hello Second Monday in November, my how quickly you have come around! There's no mistaking it now friends, we are HURTLING towards the end of term/year and there is nothing we can do about it. What we CAN do is, is eat well, try and get some exercise in and rest as much as we can at night. Seems … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

It seems like it's been a long week don't you think? I am still trying to work out how we were in Honkers last week? Now we're back, it's like it didn't happen at all. At least there are snaps of it to remind me. It's been a busy week. With lots of this happening. Mags not letting me out of … [Read more...]

The most thoughtful present: A Melanie Lea Artwork

I was lucky enough to receive an email from artist Melanie Lea a month or so ago asking me if she could do me a little painting of the girls? Offers like these don't come up that often, so of course I jumped at the opportunity! I wasn't really sure of Melanie's style of work but quickly saw through … [Read more...]

Never Stop the Journey: A Queenstown adventure with Olympus

A sponsored post for Olympus I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of a recent excursion to Queenstown with Olympus for the launch of their new OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera. Having never tried an Olympus camera before I was really excited to see how it worked and of course compare it to other … [Read more...]

BabyMac Book Club: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine {The Discussion}

Oh Eleanor, you are so completely not fine, and yet are any of us at all? What a joy this book was to read! It has well and truly got me back into the swing of things with reading and has had me thinking about it long after I finished it. In fact, I think I'll be thinking a little about Eleanor for … [Read more...]

Weekends filled with N O T H I N G

I spent all Friday from the minute I walked in the door doing stuff. Unpacking. Bringing washing in. Packing things away. Mopping the floors. Playing with Maggie. Hanging with the big girls when they got back from school. All the guilt from spending MORE time away from the girls I tried to make … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: A tasty balance

In my quest to be eating better food I am finding that balance is where it's at. Total deprivation only leads to blow outs, but if there's enough exercise I can have the odd dumpling blow out (or make that 45 of those last week). Here are some ideas that cover both the ying and the yang... Slow … [Read more...]

Bonkers in Honkers: Part 3

Well here we are back at the airport ready to catch the plane back home, we arrive tomorrow morning at 6.30am. It's been such a great whirlwind of a trip...lots of walking, working, eating, drinking & exploring and the fact that I get to do all that with Rob by my side? Well that'll do … [Read more...]

Bonkers in Honkers: Part 2

Last night we hit the town and headed into Central for a drink at one of those iconic Hong Kong rooftop bars. On the recommendation of a few people we headed to Sevva with the most gorgeous interiors and soft furnishings and green walls. I don't think you would ever get sick of seeing all those … [Read more...]

Bonkers in Honkers: Part 1

Rob and I have arrived in Hong Kong for a shoot for Frankie4 Footwear and a very exciting new shoe that is coming our way soon....BETH! We thought we better put Beth to the test with a good travel session so booked the flights on the cheap when we got back from NY earlier in the year and now here we … [Read more...]

Moments to remember: October

It's November this week. I'll just leave that there because I can't get my head around it. At all. Christmas catch ups are being planned, social activities are starting to ramp up and the last our birthdays for the year in our little family are now done. It's going to get busy these next two months, … [Read more...]