What I’m wearing this Spring/Summer

I had a few people ask about the clothes that I packed for our recent trip OS. While it was Autumn by the time we got to Italy we really had some hot summery weather for the first 2 weeks with temps in the late twenties and early thirties. When I was planning for the trip I knew that these clothes … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 78

Just because it's Monday I don't want to see any of this ploise: Because the sun is shining! And it's Spring time here. And no matter how little sleep has been going down around these parts, it's all OK. Still feeling a little meh? Here: Read this post on 20 puppies cuddling their … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Salads

Holy Springtime batman! Isn't it GLORIOUS out there?! It's made being home all the more enjoyable when you can feel warmth and see the sunshine out the windows with washing drying on the line. It does not take much people! Alas with the warm weather it means exposing a little more flesh and after 3 … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Spring 2015

Good afternoon (I think?!) friends, happy Friday afternoon. We are home and it's SO good to be here. Sure the trip home was a killer, but we're here now and you can almost hardly see the twitch in my left eye anymore. I'm struggling big time today with jet lag...I would be fine if I could get a … [Read more...]

Making a tree change: 5 years on

Hello there friends! My name is delirious. Mrs Delirious Macdonald. Off my face on jet lag, but home sweet home after a very long trip back from Rome (32 hours or something equally ridiculous). I hardly know what way is up at the minute so I was surprised to see from my Mum on Facebook this morning … [Read more...]

An Italian Afternoon walk

We've just woken up on our last morning in Tuscany. Bags are being packed, car sorted before we drive down to Rome tonight for our last night in Italy. Tomorrow we fly out at 10pm...arriving back Wednesday morning first thing. Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk down the little lane our villa … [Read more...]

Saturday in San Gimignano

Today we all took our car sickness tablets in good time and hightailed it to San Gimignano for lunch after Maggie's morning sleep. It was a cracker of a day - after some morning fog we finally got a day without wind which has been constantly blowing gale force since Sunday afternoon. I'd heard so … [Read more...]

13 things to love about Italy

Our holiday is coming to a close and what an amazing 3 weeks its been! Our bellies and hearts filled with wonderful food and memories - Italy really is a place that fills you up. Not only with the amazing food, but the culture, the history, the beauty...throw in some wonderful family time and our … [Read more...]

Travelling overseas with small kids

Having done two overseas trips in two years I thought I might have some ideas to share with you guys about travelling OS with young kids. Last year we had a 7 and 4 year old, this year an 8, 6 and 4 month old. It's been different this year - a baby will do that to you - and we also made the … [Read more...]

Volterra to Casale Marittimo

We had plans this morning to head to San Gimignano via Volterra for a day of wholesome family Italian sight seeing. I meant to make Harps take her Kwells car sickness tablets before we left, but then Maggie needed changing and feeding or something, and promptly forgot. Maggie has not been loving the … [Read more...]

Down : Time

Yesterday we had a much needed quiet day at home in our little villa for the week and it was just what we all needed. A slow morning, lots of reading and music listening, play for the girls and sleep for Mags - the weather was a little cool and windy so it was the perfect excuse to just have some … [Read more...]

A little wander through Montescudaio

This morning we had a very quiet morning in the villa - catching up on some much needed time in pj's, drawing, playing, drinking coffee and reading. We've got our portable speaker and Spotify (there's no TV in the villa and we have not missed it one bit in the 2 weeks we've been away) and the pace … [Read more...]

Lucca to Montescudaio

This morning we bid our farewells to Rob's Dad and Step Mum and a lot of their guests that had started to arrive for the grown up/non family part of their trip and headed to our next villa where we'll be until next Sunday. It was so hard to choose somewhere to go to next - Tuscany is a pretty big … [Read more...]

A morning walk

This morning Harper led a few of us on a walk hop through the olive groves that run up the hill next to the villa. It's a cracking day again here in Toscana - the sun is shining, a cool breeze a blowing and a little smoke through the valley from some burning off. This entire estate is filled with … [Read more...]

Beautiful Lucca

Lucca is just a quick 10 minute drive from our villa and a beautiful place to explore. My Mum and step dad have come and visited Lucca about 3 times now, always singing the praises of its beauty, shopping and of course food. We headed in there this morning for a good look around and explore and it … [Read more...]

The food and the drink

If there's one thing that I've done this past week and a half is eat. I've got the whole eating part of the loving and praying down PAT. If you can't go nuts here, well then there's no point to being in Italy at all I figure. The breastfeeding sweet cravings have not gone unnoticed with my heart … [Read more...]

An Italian cooking class

Yesterday afternoon we were treated with a wonderful cooking class in the cucina preparing dinner for our group of 24! We made some fresh pasta with pesto, Beef Peposo (a local speciality with red wine and pepper) and some tiramisu for dessert. It was just about the perfect way for me to spend an … [Read more...]

Tuscan cliches

I always love how you can imagine places to be before you arrive there. Snippets from stories, movies, books and a little imagination thrown in to create a kind of understanding of place before you've even arrived. For me, Tuscany was like this. From operas and Stealing Beauty and reading Under a … [Read more...]

Lazy villa days

Well time has well and truly slowed down and we are in the hot, summery daze of life in the villa. And boy is it good. La Dolce vita... … [Read more...]

Dash & Albert rug winner

Thanks so much to everyone that entered the wonderful Dash & Albert giveaway - there were so many great comments so it was very hard indeed to choose. We sat around the table this morning to choose our winner and we have one at last... The lucky winner is Karen with this comment: "I would … [Read more...]