Miscellaneous 68


Say it with me friends....ahhhhh! Autumn is here! And whilst the weather yesterday was ANYTHING but Autumnal (another all time favourite word of mine) the calendar told me that me are indeed in March and summer will soon be a section in our photo book. Autumn is my all time favourite season, … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Vegetarian delight

PicMonkey Collage

This has been one good side effect of pregnancy: craving veggies more and more. Any chance I have had to eat them I am onto it. It's funny how the body works isn't it? Must be needing all those extra nutrients. I'm not one to blitz it all into a smoothie, I'd rather roast for fry them, or add them … [Read more...]

One thing: Clean out the wardrobe


This week's #onething had been a long time coming. Years of chucking stuff somewhere because I didn't want to deal with it. I've said it before, I might be clean and tidy, but there's mess everywhere if you just open a cupboard door. Or in this instance, walk into our wardrobe. For those of you … [Read more...]

Weekend entertaining: meat & fire

Greek Lamb_-17

Nothing says celebration more to me than a whole animal for roasting on a spit. The longer process, the time taken to prepare and then cook the meat over many hours not to mention the visual spectacle makes for a very special occasion for a gathering of friends. We were lucky enough (a little … [Read more...]

The power of the voodoo, who do? You do.


Remind me of the babe! Anyone else remember that great song from one of my all time favourite movies The Labyrinth. David Bowie and all that hair. That music! Those puppets! Those glittery, maze walls were the stuff that dreams were made of for me when I was a 9 year old girl watching it. I know … [Read more...]

Soup for one: Mushroom, pea & spinach


Those preggo cravings are at it again and (thankfully) this time it's veggies! GIMME THE GREEN STUFF. I fed the family leftovers the other night which left me to my own devices so I could eat all the thing that they won't. I made this up as I went, and it was delicious so thought I better share it … [Read more...]

Sentimental food


On Saturday night Rob and I were out at our village trivia night (a HUGE night) that saw us home by 10.30pm for our beloved babysitter Pene. Whilst Rob had been sipping back on a few brewskies, myself being pregnant and the official score girl for the night I was dead sober and keen to get stuck … [Read more...]

Preggo files #11


Friends, it has officially begun. THE NESTING. But instead of sitting around like this in between pinning nursery ideas... I am going through all the shit I have been wanting to do around the house since we moved in and wondering if this will be the incentive to get it done? You see cupboard … [Read more...]

Il Tutto Anais bag winner!


Phwoooooaaaaaaar! Still as pretty as it was last time I looked. Time for me to announce the winner of my giveaway who I will be adding to cart for just as soon as you let me know your address details. There were over 250 comments to go through but we managed to get a winner. And that winner … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Seafood

PicMonkey Collage

I am terrible at incorporating seafood into our weekly meals. I get lazy, I forget to buy the stuff, I am a little afraid of cooking fish and sometimes it just hard and expensive to add it into the trolley. But I am going to make more of an effort - even if it's some simple tuned tuna tossed through … [Read more...]

One thing: clean the oven


Last weekend I cooked a big lunch for 20 of us (mostly family and some friends) here for Daisy's birthday. I did the slow cooked lamb which was AMAZING and delicious and as it was cooking, filled the house with the most amazing smells. The lamb did drizzle over into the base of the oven and a few … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 67


No one panic, it's FRIDAY. For anyone with small kids at school just starting out can we say it together: AMEN! Every week is getting busier by the second, notes and routines and work and helping out at school and stuff, dates and deadlines...my goodness it is busy being a grown up. For us we have … [Read more...]

Things I like {The 19th February 2015 edition}


There's so much to like about this time of year don't you think? That change of seasons cusp that has the most amazing light. The mornings a little darker, the nights a little longer. The days are sunny and warm. It's almost Autumn, my favourite time of year. There's also piles of clean washing, … [Read more...]

Slow roasted pork belly

pork belly-11

Anyone who knows me, knows my passion for all things pig. In my humble opinion, there is no greater beast. No beast that provides so many of life’s joys all Crispy bacon with some oozing eggs on a lazy Sunday morning. Slice of thin, carved ham with lashings of butter on thick toast on Christmas … [Read more...]

Il Tutto Anais GIVEAWAY {worth $129}


**** THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW CLOSED - THANKS FOR YOUR ENTRIES! **** You know what I love? Women in business, creating great products or services while juggling motherhood and life. I LOVE THAT SHIT. There's not much a woman can't do. And you know what I else I love? You guys! Because you come here, … [Read more...]

The school drop off blues


As soon as the alarm goes off, you take a moment to start the day. It takes about 23 seconds for you to realise it's a Tuesday. It's a School day. There's still 4 more days of this to go. That anxious pit in your stomach starts to grow. You have to get on with it, fake it, and spend the next few … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Sides

PicMonkey Collage

If cooking wasn't bad enough, most meals require a side dish to go with it. I know! This time of the year we go for lots of salads but in a few weeks time things will start to get cooler so it will be more veggies. In any case, something green will be involved, because that's what my Mum always told … [Read more...]

One thing: Replace the dead plant


This is Rob's studio/office: It's separate to our house (so he can, you know, go to work although the 34 second commute can be a bastard sometimes). Up until Sunday last week that sculpture you see hanging on the wall was sitting up against the wall for, oh, you know, 2 and a bit years. Mrs … [Read more...]

Solving the big issues: lining a roasting pan, yay or nay?


Pressing issues as ever round these parts this Friday afternoon. You only have to watch one episode of Donna Hay's cooking shows (or read one of her mags for that matter) that she is a fan of lining her roasting pans with baking/greaseproof paper. Plenty of food stylists will use them in shoots I … [Read more...]

Aura Home 2015 winter collection: BabyMac exclusive

Aura Winter 15-CornerStripeKids

Everyone knows how bedlinen makes my heart sing. Shall we take a moment to soak up these brand spanking new images from Aura Home's new winter collection? The style is called Corner Stripe, in poppy orange or black, but hot stuff also works for me. AURA by Tracie Ellis is offering BabyMac … [Read more...]