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Full Maggie Update: 3 years, 2 months

These are dangerous times my friend, do not be fooled by this, because we are well and truly THREE and oh shit, I had forgotten all about 3. Three is FULL ON. And before you tell me 4 is worse, just don't. I have forgotten all about these ages which is odd seeing as I have done it twice … [Read a little more...]

School holiday BAKE OFF

How's the holidays going friends? What's the story with NSW and the rest of the states being so out of tune with each other? Made 78 million platters of food? Me too! I am digging deep as we head into the last few days and you know what I am doing? Baking. Getting the girls to bake. Eating ALL OF … [Read a little more...]

Winter days at the beach

We've had such a lovely week up at the beach doing a whole lot of not much. We are that family that don't go anywhere, do activities or the like when we go on holidays (same at home) we do pretty much … [Read a little more...]

Skin Update: What I have been doing/using

I felt like I did this last update post not that long ago and I just checked and it's bang on 12 months. Huh! So maybe it was a long time... It's been about 2 years now since I tried to be a … [Read a little more...]

The lies we tell ourselves

In my recent introspection and intention for more self care I've been thinking a little (sometimes a lot) about the way I speak to myself in my head. The way we all speak to ourselves in our heads. … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless Monday

In my nurturing and looking after myself of late I have been trying to eat a little better. I've been drinking LOADS of water (which I struggle with), and getting as many greens into all of us as I … [Read a little more...]

The Holiday Stack

We're heading away tomorrow to the beach for a change of scene and to blow the cobwebs with some fresh salty sea air. There's going to be lots of walking and sitting by the fire, reading, napping and … [Read a little more...]

Family Favourite: Chicken fried rice

Yesterday afternoon at school pick up there had been a harvest from the veggie garden that all the kids had been growing and it was a BUMPER crop. A full container of herbs, lettuces, chard, kale, you … [Read a little more...]

Lessons in rest

I just tried to stop Maggie from painting the hummus I gave her for lunch all over her cherry tomatoes, hands, arms. When I explained to her about the mess she was making her reply was simple, "but it … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Lemons

Got any citrus trees at your place? We have one lone orange tree that did nothing for years and then for the past year or so has produced fruit, but nothing very good. This year the tree is heaving, … [Read a little more...]

Moonacres Kitchen Robertson

Friday night I was thrilled to head into a freezing cold and misty Robbo night to go to the opening of the brand new Moonacres Kitchen which has recently been refurbished and reimagined into the … [Read a little more...]

A check in: and feeling the feelings {Susan}

It's Tuesday morning here, just gone 6am, it's 0 degrees outside. There are 3 members of my family sleeping soundly in their beds, and one awake (sniffling and miserable with a cold) next to me on the … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: All the Soup for you!

Isn't it just soup weather at the moment? We have had the most glorious weather this weekend - icy freezing cold nights with the sunniest of blue sky days. Perfect winter weather. And when it's like … [Read a little more...]

Full & Thorough reporting: The social edition

Goodness me we have had ourselves a social week at the Macdonald house. We've been to Sydney twice, I have eaten and drunk waaaaaaaaay more than I should have and had LOTS of fun along the way. Pour … [Read a little more...]