Over the Back Fence Podcast {S4 Episode 4}


After a bit of break (silly life/work getting in the way) Neighbour and I caught up over the weekend for a natter about keeping up fitness, blue ribbons, Jon Snow (yes again, what of it?!) humour, ethical dilemmas and much MUCH more. A jam packed extra long episode for your listening pleasure!

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  1. Hmm date loaf. Yummo!

  2. Amanda Garven says:

    You lovely pair have just helped me mow through my ironing in no time. Now, Date loaf!!

  3. Hi Beth and Neighbour,
    I have to pass on that your podcast follows me around on the Mini Bose while being domestic. Never has the pad with my new squeeze been so clean. It’s a process that leaves me giggling and being glad I am a women with friends that I have similar conversations with. Makes the days offfrom nursing (where we laugh inappropriately) also funny!!!!
    Love lots

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