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The thing about stuff

I'm at my Mum's place today helping her go through her place to start packing up for their move to the Highlands in late January. They get the keys to their place tomorrow and can slowly move stuff down there so we start the fun task of going through cupboards, giving stuff away, chucking stuff away … [Read a little more...]

Tales of a 3rd time Mum

There are ways as a 3rd time that things are SO much better. You are more relaxed, you know that you pretty much won't kill your baby and they will be OK. Ish. You tend not to give a shit about what people think and this can mean that you refuse to read any books on what babies "should" be doing at … [Read a little more...]

I love the noise you make when you shut up

Did you watch the ABC 2 part series last night Hitting Home? Horrifying stuff. Going into the lives of women who are being tourtured in their own homes with acts of physical violence, emotional and … [Read a little more...]

On disappointment

Yesterday my friend Eden sent me a text video about a bakery incident she had, she had asked for a vanilla slice and was given a mere MATCHSTICK instead. She knew I would feel her pain. And I did. I … [Read a little more...]

Things I like {The 23rd November 2015 edition}

With an aching tooth and my mind (and tongue) obsessed with it and everything that will have to be done with it I thought I better focus on some good this afternoon. Here's some things to like... : … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: just plain tasty stuff

Oh Monday. I'm tired. I haven't had enough sleep or rest over the weekend, I have a residual tooth ache at the moment which is driving me batty and I just can't quite cope with how quickly time is … [Read a little more...]

One thing: the dodgy number

I found myself in a hardware shop this week. I don't often go into them and so when I do I tend to get a little excited trying to remember all the little things that I often add to the "one thing" … [Read a little more...]

Christmas shopping ideas #1

If you're anything like me, you are frantically trying to work out what the HELL you are going to buy your loved ones for Chritsmas this year. Sure, the kids can a little easier to buy for, but I … [Read a little more...]

Spring super salad

Isn't it just the time of year (and weather) to start eating LOTS of salad? There's something about warmer, longer days (and exposed skin) that says make me a salad, serve it up and SMASH IT. I would … [Read a little more...]

Late spring afternoons

On Tuesday afternoon we headed down to our friend's (Mr & Mrs Munro) new farm for a quick drink to celebrate Mr Munro's birthday. It was a gorgeous afternoon, the sun shining, kids happy to play, … [Read a little more...]

5 Vegetarian Christmas Canapés

A sponsored post for Woolworths Christmas time usually means one thing food wise and that’s an ode to all things MEAT. Whether it’s on Christmas Day, on the lead up with various family functions … [Read a little more...]

Paint me a picture

Last weekend Rob declared that he was going to paint his office. He had been talking about doing this for years, but the urge got too strong last Sunday when we had both woken with a cold, it was … [Read a little more...]

Maggie is 6 months old!

It's been HALF A YEAR. 6 whole months today since Maggie arrived. She's this happy about it. No really, this happy. I know it's cliche and all of those things but really. 6 months? Is … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: Fruit

I don't know how it happens, but I manage to go to the fruit shop and buy what I think is an inordinate amount of fruit which spills out of the fruit bowl and fridge and then 2 days later, the lot is … [Read a little more...]