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Cold weekends filled with flannelette and fires

Here we are flip side of another weekend, wondering how they go by so quickly. Or is that just me? I am so glad that we have just this week to go before there is a bit of a break for the girls. Everyone is a little sick and very tired, and just want to lay around in pj's. I SO get it. This … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal ideas: Winter Warmers

The ice is thick on the cars and ground this morning, it's winter (and for me) it feels SO good to be alive. The cold is invigorating don't you think? The seasons never get old to me, I love all they have to offer in their own ways and right now it's rugging up and staying warm. There was an icy … [Read a little more...]

How to get motivated about exercise. Again.

The time has come friends, it's here. Anyone care to hop aboard the mid winter health train? AGAIN? And for the love of all things carbs, can anyone tell me how to maintain a desire to eat well … [Read a little more...]

Full Maggie update: 2 years 1 month

At 2 years and 1 month, Maggie is expert at drinking milkshakes and baby cinos. She's very busy, all day, every day and quite frankly is so cute I sometimes want to squish her until her head … [Read a little more...]

The take back

Last week I had a meeting up in the Big Smoke for some great upcoming work I have with Bupa. You might remember some of the stuff we did with them last year about the first 1000 days of being a … [Read a little more...]

I am

I recently did one of those Ancestry DNA tests where you spit into a container, send it off and a few months later it comes back with where your ancestry comes from. Have you done one? It's quite … [Read a little more...]

Sunny Sunday celebrations

Yesterday we celebrated my dear Step father's 70th birthday. Saturday night I was sitting on the couch and shared a few words about how important he is to me, and to all of us and I was amazed at the … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: Country classics

Such a glorious winter's morning here today. It's cold, but the sun is shining, washing drying in the gentle breeze and #maintenancemonday in full swing. When I thought about country life before we … [Read a little more...]

Southern Highlands Guide: Who to follow on Instagram

I always get asked so many questions (plus it's the biggest search item on the blog on the weekends) about where to eat, drink, shop etc in the Highlands and recently I have found myself tagging … [Read a little more...]

Winter wonderland: win a Circa Home pack worth $300

A winner has now been chosen for this giveaway: Sandra with this comment: "Over the years I’ve developed my own cold weather routine, it consists of most or all of the following * Everyone gets new … [Read a little more...]

Get some Hygge in your home

Do you guys know about Hygge? It might look a little like this: Well to me at least. It's a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a … [Read a little more...]

5 reasons why I loved HBO’s Big Little Lies SO much

I’m feeling a little weary this morning as Rob and I stayed up WAY too late last night binge watching the last 4 episodes of HBO’s Big Little Lies. This recently screened on Foxtel (Showcase and you … [Read a little more...]

Cleaning Tip: how to clean the glass door of your fireplace

We're only just over a week into "official" winter but round these parts "winter" and the need to have the fire on at some stage during the day usually lasts from about April to November. Yep. That … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: Ocean treats

It's so easy to get into the same old weekly eating habits. I rarely choose fish when I am on auto pilot, and yet when I am really focused on eating well and trying to make good food choices, I always … [Read a little more...]