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Keeping score

My Mum and step Dad are away at the beach for a few days and Mum sent me a photo on the weekend...her scrabble scoreboard pad that stays with their board from just before I had Harper. Pay no attention to my terrible score. You see in our family we have a tradition of writing down where we … [Read a little more...]

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Monday meal ideas: mid week no brainers

With the heat and hormones over the weekend I have woken up feeling a little like my brain is fried. There are end of year things to start to go to, Christmas to think about, I am frazzled people, FRAZZLED. So this week I don't want to think about dinner. I'll be doing things that I don't have to … [Read a little more...]



I woke up yesterday morning like this: Except instead of the penis add in a pregnant stomach. And instead of the no clothes thing, add a be-draggled mismatch of old clothes I wear to bed with … [Read a little more...]


Start a Christmas tradition: how to make a Christmas fruit cake

There's not many things I remember about my Dad's Mum, Grandma Dot, but I do remember her cooking, her laughter, her beautiful bowls, her family lunches (especially at Christmas) and her baking. OK, … [Read a little more...]


The Preggo files #3

NO ONE PANIC. Kate is sporting a bump. PHEW. I wonder how she gets her hair so shiny? Meanwhile back in Titsville Tennesee I can report that there has been another growth spurt in that general … [Read a little more...]


2 ingredient pancakes: banana & egg

You know when you see something on Facebook or Pinterest and you think NO WAY! How can that even BE a thing! So you google it to see if it's really true, and then you have a crack yourself. And you … [Read a little more...]


Miscellaneous 60

How do you guys like my new view? You see, there was an INCIDENT yesterday. One which will confine me to the inside of my home for the foreseeable future. It's either that, or we set fire to the … [Read a little more...]


Recipe Roulette: Sesame Hoisin Chicken

Somehow along the way (as you do) I got back into my old comfortable ways and stopped opening my cooking books (of which I have PLENTY) and relied on the old favourites to see us through week in, week … [Read a little more...]