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Isn’t life hard enough already Clingwrap?

It's been a while since I had to buy cling wrap...must have had a big roll but the time came so I grabbed some last week at the supermarket. I had heard some noise about a "redesign" of clingers on social media, but had yet to experience the full joy. But over the past week I have managed to lose my … [Read a little more...]

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Summer holidays {the recap episode}

I was feeling a little sad and reminiscent this morning, thinking about the great summer holidays that we've had, about how much I will miss spending time with the girls, the girls with each other and Frank with the girls. Then we had to go and get haircuts and back to school supplies and they were … [Read a little more...]

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Monday meal ideas: Australia day Lamb

Happy Australia Day friends! Whilst we aren't entertaining or have any plans to celebrate the day in style I know plenty of you will be. Here are some ideas for our beloved national food obsession: … [Read a little more...]


Miscellaneous 65

It's the long weekend! Are you having a marvellous one? I hope so! We are having a very quiet home one...doing nothing. It is SO good. Garden has been done (I do have to deal with the veggie patch at … [Read a little more...]


Solving the big issues: how many cushions on a bed?

I got a text message yesterday from a friend who had just returned home from holidays (Hi Linda!) and had feared that she had gone overboard with some holiday cushioning purchasing. You see she had … [Read a little more...]


I want to ride my bicycle

We got both girls for Christmas bikes. Proper bikes. Bikes without training wheels, that we didn't have to put together from a proper bike shop. And it was all very exciting on Christmas morning, but … [Read a little more...]


Preggo files #8

You guys, Kate wouldn't be happy with me. "Beth darling" she'd say, "I told you those potato scallops, iced coffees and milkshakes were only going to end one way. In tears. Buck up old girl, and get … [Read a little more...]


Things I like {The 20th January 2015 edition}

We are home! And while driving in the driveway I was greeted with some dead pot plants and shit everywhere from Christmas morning and an instant headache, I have slowly got back into the swing of … [Read a little more...]