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Anyone else feeling a sense of impending deadlines? The need to cross your legs? No? It must just be me. All of those things that I wanted to get done before the baby comes are slowly slipping away from me in with a sense of can't be bovvered. The nesting is well, nest-ed. It seems to have passed, … [Read a little more...]

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Monday meal ideas: Make now, freeze for later

Why hello Monday, good to see you. I think. Wondering what the week ahead will bring for us all...a royal baby perhaps? A BabyMac? (I don't think so). Washing? Definitely. Tears? Of course! Feeling very emo at the moment and forgetful and crying at the drop of a hat. Especially when I realised that … [Read a little more...]


Preggo Files #18

Kate STILL hasn't had the baby! Who knows if she is even due yet, but STILL no baby. Anyone else keep checking in? All kinds of 'sources' are saying that today or tomorrow WILL be the days! Wills has … [Read a little more...]


Things I like {The 24th April 2015 morning edition}

: spying a cot in our bedroom, never fails to make my stomach flip with anticipation, nerves and excitement. Soon enough there will be a WHOLE PERSON IN THERE : my morning coffee made for me by … [Read a little more...]


Calm & Relaxed

I'm at the stage of my pregnancy where I plan to do very little. The girls went back to school yesterday and so after I got back from my ob appointment, I spent the remainder of my day on the couch. … [Read a little more...]


Getting more without any extra effort

A sponsored post for Qantas Frequent Flyers Recently it came to my attention that there was a simple way to get more from something that I have been doing all my adult life. You know those moments … [Read a little more...]


Bake this: Banana & Easter egg bread

Despite my best efforts asking visitors over Easter to NOT bring chocolate, they did. And the pile of eggs were bought out after every meal just so we could try and get through them all. And yet? We … [Read a little more...]

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Monday meal ideas: stove top dinners

We've had a cold snap overnight and woken to a miserable cold and wet day here. Yesterday I knew it was coming (mostly because I am a weather nerd who becomes a little obsessed with my weather app) so … [Read a little more...]