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2 iPhone tricks I’ve been using

I've been meaning to share these two little things for a while now and this morning while making the bed it came to me quick! Before I forget! (I tell you what that baby brain business is showing NO signs of going away anytime soon...will it ever end?!) My post 7pm self-imposed phone … [Read a little more...]

Mothers Day stuff you’d actually want

I wonder when the rest of the world will catch onto the idea that all any Mother wants for Mothers Day is to wake up (well rested) in a 5 star hotel bed to see her children for 7 minutes before they disappear and she can have a bath, room service, a nap, watch a movie and then go to a spa treatment. … [Read a little more...]

Quick catch up

Oh HI! Talk about crazy times over here. I am busier than a blue-arsed fly here at the moment and I have a spare 7 minutes so thought I'd drop in for a quick catch up. Sheesh. You see it's Rob's … [Read a little more...]

Sunday arvo kitchen: how to carve a roast chicken

Last week I showed you guys how to make gravy using the pan juices from your roast and this week I thought I'd share with you how I carve my chook. It's more of quartering the bird and breaking it … [Read a little more...]

Ladies lunch: Salt & Pepper Squid

I really must stop watching cooking shows at night. You see, because we always eat early with the kids at Grandma o clock, by the time 8/8.30pm comes around and if I am watching something tasty on TV … [Read a little more...]

Miscellaneous 83

You guys, Mothers Day is fast approaching. And I have the perfect pressie for you (to give or receive). You may have heard of Two Good Co a non-profit charity and social enterprise company who make … [Read a little more...]

iPhone addiction 2 week detox: how I went

So the School holidays have been and gone and my hope to have a break from my constant checking of my phone (what for?!) has now passed. I was keen to have a decent break from my phone through the day … [Read a little more...]

Long weekend-ing

You may have popped over here to have a look at some nice photos of our nice weekend. Because it was, indeed, nice. So here, let me get one of the way for you. Look! Hydrangeas! In April! Still … [Read a little more...]

Saturday arvo kitchen: how to make homemade gravy

It's a little cool and drizzly and grey here today (YESSSSSSS) with the fire roaring and a glass of bubbles imminent as my little sis and her family are staying down for the night. What better than to … [Read a little more...]

Being scared and doing the brave stuff

This morning the sun rose, and a new day in Autumn 2016 began. Like me, it was most likely the same as the one that came before. It required immediate caffeination, instant demands from small … [Read a little more...]

Happy Birthday old Liz!

I wouldn't call myself a Royalist. In fact, I think we should be a Republic, however I am FASCINATED by the Royal Family. The castles, the pomp and ceremony, the frocks! The history. Everything it all … [Read a little more...]

Big skies, happy kids, nice digs

After a less than ideal start to the year with constant sickness thanks to perfuckuss and then a shitty Easter thanks to post perfuckuss stress disorder and colds I was keen to make the most of these … [Read a little more...]

Maggie is 11 months old!

Ah 11 months, here you are. With all your movement, and laughing, and standing and life, here you are. This about it sums it up: here Mags sit down so I can take a photo. Yeah, nuh. It's … [Read a little more...]

An Autumn walk in the village

If you look out any of our windows at the moment you'll see that Autumn has arrived. My favourite and my best, glorious Autumn with it's magical light, shorter, warm days and cooler, dark … [Read a little more...]