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Ladies dinner

Guys, I had an entertaining BREAKTHROUGH last night. You see it was my friend Zoe's birthday so I suggested we all come over for a catch up. I asked the Birthday girl what she'd like me to cook and she said her favourite thing was tapas...just bring something, bung it in the middle of the table and … [Read a little more...]

Can someone explain it to me?

As you know, my brain is not quite what it used to be. I've stopped reading books (other than baby ones to Maggie) my news is taken from ABC3 before the big two head to bed and my cultural intakes seem to be anything from the E Network or Bravo. I'm not smart. But! Can someone explain to me … [Read a little more...]

Thai style BBQ chicken salad

I made up a salad last weekend that was a happy know the kind in the kitchen where you make it up as you go but it's FAB and you know you'll do it again. That was this one! So on the go … [Read a little more...]

5 Things I know about Newborn Land

A sponsored post for BUPA If you were anything like me after you had your first baby you would have been in shock and dismay that they actually let you out of the hospital with the baby. I mean, WHAT … [Read a little more...]

Tuesday morning

It's an ordinary kind of Tuesday morning. It's quiet because the bigs are at School, and the little one was delirious and had to be taken to bed early. It's cool outside, but a sparkling … [Read a little more...]

Sunday night bonfires

I have a new favourite thing to do: a Sunday arvo/evening bonfire at Mr & Mrs Munro's top paddock. The text message gets sent out to the group, we go back and forth on what to bring, rock up at … [Read a little more...]

Vegetarian Lasagne

This is a recipe from the vault (2011) that is VERY good but VERY much a pain in the arse to make. Lots of prep. Slicing, dicing, roasting, layering, but the end result is worth it. If you are a veggo … [Read a little more...]


I've said it before, but there's nothing like a deadline to get shit DONE around a house is there?! Rob's party was just the ticket to get all kinds of little (and bigger) things done including one of … [Read a little more...]

Leisure wear

You know what I've been excited about this week? Well, it would appear that Autumn has FINALLY arrived in all her glory! And besides meaning that the fire can get a good run now, it also means a … [Read a little more...]

Milked Dry

You guys may have seen this clip on The Project last night, I missed it but have since caught up today. I don't know the ins and outs of this, and of course if you have local brands of farmer's … [Read a little more...]

Maggie is 1!

A combination of exhaustion and post everything stress sees me an emo wreck, and I'm not quite sure sure to start with this. But here we are, Miss Maggie, my sweet little baby girl, apparently is now … [Read a little more...]

Bert’s Bash

We did it! One 40th birthday party done and dusted and it couldn't have gone better if we tried. The weather was dead set perfect. Sunny! No wind! 22 degrees! The food was perfect (and even better not … [Read a little more...]

Sydney turning it on!

We've just had a great few days at our annual conference for our agency and boy did Sydney turn the weather on for us! Sunshine! Warm weather! And of course that view from the iconic Bondi beach. I … [Read a little more...]

Good for your guts (and face and fur)

A sponsored post for Vaalia A winner has been chosen for this giveaway. Martine won with this comment: "We go through quite a bit of yoghurt in this house , I’m full time carer for my mother and she … [Read a little more...]