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Miscellaneous 63

It's been a shitty week hasn't it? Hard to believe that the Sydney siege was on Monday, just days ago now. In between that, and end of school year stuff everyone is feeling a little frazzed, and rightly so. But look. I GIVE YOU HOPE: Archie James Mitchell came into this world Wednesday … [Read a little more...]


5 Christmas Day Lunch shortcuts

A sponsored post for Woolworths Created with Jamie With Rob and I both having parents that have divorced Christmas time is a VERY busy time indeed. There are 4 potential Christmas lunches, lots of catch ups and for the girls, lots of presents! Throw in catching up with friends from home, other … [Read a little more...]


Every other day

Today is the last school day of the year. Harper finishes preschool this afternoon, and Daisy year 2. When did that happen? I can't say that I will miss making lunch in the morning (no matter how hard … [Read a little more...]


Post 2099

I've got nothing today. From the moment I woke, I had my heart in my throat, the emotions just sitting there, ready to spill out. And they have. Much like yesterday I can't seem to get much done. I … [Read a little more...]

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Monday meal ideas: A Christmas cornucopia!

In the last Monday meal ideas for the year I thought that I would hit you up with ideas for the big day. Food wise that is. I'm talking the main event. The big lunch. The sides that could go with the … [Read a little more...]

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Down that Little Lane $200 Christmas Giveaway!

Thanks to the lovely Tessa from Down that Little Lane I have a wonderful little Christmas treat for a lucky reader....a giveaway worth $200! Now I don't know about you, but if I have to think about … [Read a little more...]


Preggo Files #6

Yeah no. She hasn't. And she's getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal sick of people asking her. And so naturally that means that Rob has been sending her text messages every 30 minutes or so, and I've been … [Read a little more...]

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Christmas frocks for little ladies

I still remember getting a new frock for Christmas and getting all dressed up for Mass and then the various travelling Christmas day celebrations and basically loving myself sick. I always get the … [Read a little more...]