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Best Before

On Saturday night I had my sister and bro in law over for an impromptu dinner. My brother in law was getting something out of the fridge when he asked me "Beth, how long has that copha been in your fridge?". Good question Chris, good question. Let's see. I put my thinking cap on, and … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: Vegetables

That taste of spring we had last week has well and truly left with an arctic blast that hit here late Friday night. It's been a VERY cold weekend here with the fire roaring (and the central heating not working sigh) so I may be eating a little more comfort then I should, ahem, be normally eating. So … [Read a little more...]

Full Maggie update (12-14 months)

About time we checked in on this one isn't it? Hi Mags! I was saying to Rob just the other day how much Maggie has grown in the last few weeks. Over the school holidays everything that seemed … [Read a little more...]

Zigazig ah

Can you believe that it's 20 years this month since this pearler hit the airwaves? I can't tell you just how deep my love ran for these girls. I was 19, perhaps a little too old now that I come … [Read a little more...]

Look down, look up

Anyone else feeling a bit shit? Me too. It's a combo of back to school blues I think (that THANK GOD they are back and WHERE ARE MY BABIES?) after a really good school holidays and lots of quality … [Read a little more...]

What you reading/watching/listening to?

I'm always looking for inspiration of things to watch/read and listen to so I thought I'd share with you guys what WE are doing in the hope that you will share some good stuff too and we can all have … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Family Favourites

After 10 days away from home and about 1 million hot chips later, we are all most ready for some home cooking and NO MORE HOT CHIPS. Well, maybe that's just me. I feel revolting after eating and … [Read a little more...]

Some good places in Byron Bay

We've had a great week up here, although the weather has been a little gloomy at least it's not minus 3 or 4 gloomy which it appears to be at home. I've had tshirts on and the girls even made it for a … [Read a little more...]

The Farm Byron Bay

I think the main thing people kept telling me when I said I was going to Byron and that was "go to The Farm". So this morning, we did. I can see why everyone kept saying so - what an amazing spot. … [Read a little more...]

Walk to the Lighthouse

We made it to Byron! What a gorgeous spot! This morning I took the big two on a big walk from the centre of town up to the Lighthouse with a group of the family we are all staying with. I didn't know … [Read a little more...]

Saturday morning sunrise

I managed to sleep in this morning just before 7am which is a miracle in itself. I did however, have a small baby wedged next to me on my pillow who had fallen asleep next to me some time in the very … [Read a little more...]

Frank is now 2!

You guys, little Frank is not so little anymore. Today he is 2! And hasn't the old boy aged? Look at all that grey hair now! With his fresh cut from the groomer he is looking way more schnauzer … [Read a little more...]

The one constant: change

This giveaway has now closed congrats to Angela for her great entry. A sponsored post for SmarTrike Early next year I will be entering my 10th year of parenting. That feels like something, I’m not … [Read a little more...]

9 things I do every day

I'm a bit of a homebody. And a control freak. So my daily habits are very predictable. There's something about daily routine though isn' there? We're all creatures of habit...I just wish that my daily … [Read a little more...]