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Things I like {The 30th June 2016 edition}

It's been pretty bloody cold here the past week in particular but my goodness the sunshine! Glorious winter days with frosty mornings and deep blue sky days. The fire is going non stop, the children are sick and ratty with the end of term in sight but there's still plenty to like round these parts. … [Read a little more...]

They’re back Brenda

I don't know if you guys are aware (most likely you are because you have lives and are across all kinds of matters other than nappies and tantrums etc). But Brenda will be thrilled because....they are back. Chokers. 90's chokers are a thing again. I know. Those Kardashians have been … [Read a little more...]

First kiss

I may be feeling nostalgic because I haven't seen my husband for a few days and I really actually do like the man, but a bear with me friends as we take a little trip down memory lane. Some music? … [Read a little more...]

Cauliflower crack

As you may have seen earlier on Facebook tonight, my "trying not to shovel so much shit in my mouth" is kind of going OK. A little de-railed from life and getting my period and having sick kids and … [Read a little more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Sausages!

The old sauso is a much loved and yet looked down upon ingredient. I am a huge fan - and thanks to our local pub's annual Battle of the Banger I have watched Rob whip up a couple and have seen that … [Read a little more...]

Country comfort

You guys I can't tell you how GOOD it is to have my family living down here now. Sure, Rob may disagree with me (ha!) but to have my sister 5 minutes away? It's been a GAME CHANGER. We can meet up for … [Read a little more...]

Miscellaneous 84

A delightful day outside's about 2 degrees out there I think and blowing a gale. She's a little bit fresh but for this weather obsessed person, the promise of snow? Well it has me checking … [Read a little more...]

BabyMac family favourite: Sunshine rice

I whipped this up for dinner last night and realised that I have never blogged the recipe before. Best we get that sorted out! This is a recipe that has been made in my family in forever. Grandma … [Read a little more...]

The name that got away

This morning my sister and I took the kids to a local kinder gymnastics class. It had been a few years since I had been there with Harper, in fact, it was the place where I was when I realised I … [Read a little more...]

Mood lighting

You know what my favourite time of the day is? 6.30pm. Usually dinner is done and dusted and the washing up done. Baths have been bathed, there are clean children with clean bottoms and jammies on. … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: seafood

Somehow it's afternoon already?! How was your weekend friends? We had a reasonably quiet one - the weather was misty, dark and cool all weekend with a little rain (certainly not the amounts we were … [Read a little more...]

Eating out with kids: what do you want to see?

I was grabbing a takeaway coffee yesterday and chatting to the owner about an idea she had and was asking me for some help on creating a good kids menu for dinner time. We were both lamenting (OK, … [Read a little more...]

The BabyMac 10 year birthday long lunch!

Amazingly - the tickets are now all sold out (in under 7 hours!)! Apologies to all that missed out, I promise to look at hosting some more events in the future (maybe even in different states) as well … [Read a little more...]

Local Spotlight: Suzie Anderson Home

Last week when I was visiting the new local cafe (Highlands Merchant) on the scene here in the Highlands I was VERY excited to head just next door for another new shop that has opened up: Suzie … [Read a little more...]