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Monday meal ideas: chicken

We recently (FINALLY) have home delivery shopping and for the past month that I have been using it I have been SO excited that I don't have to find the time to get Maggie to the supermarket for all those bits & pieces that I can't get from the butcher/fruit & veggie shop. Talk about a game … [Read a little more...]


A few Saturday's ago I was home with the baby as I had both big kids at hockey (thank you Maggie for being born and thank you Rob for taking them) and Maggie was down for her morning sleep. I was flicking around the TV as I had managed to get all my jobs done when I stumbled across a gold mine. THE … [Read a little more...]

Maggie in the mornings

Oh that time of year when the day starts getting brighter earlier and earlier and with it, the rising of the smalls. For the past week or so its started. 5.30am. 5.15am. Even the odd in the 4's which … [Read a little more...]

Things to cook for a new Mum/someone doing it tough

One of the most common emails I get from people is asking what I think would be good to cook for someone who either had a baby or who was going through a tough time with a family illness or death. … [Read a little more...]

Southern Highlands Cookbook giveaway

This giveaway is now closed and winners have been chosen (Melissa, Caroline & Felicity) who should have received an email by now from me. Thanks for … [Read a little more...]

Big and bigger

This past weekend Rob and I had a night away with these two. Number 1 and number 2. In Canberra! Harps and I smile awkwardly at the camera in exactly the same way! It had been 16 months … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: an Asian twist

The one thing I miss living down here is really good Asian food. There are a few places to get food but it's not that fresh, crisp taste that I like with Asian food - lots of herbs and a mixture of … [Read a little more...]

Things I like {The 19th August 2016 edition}

How's your week been? This little burst of glorious spring weather has certainly put a spring in my step. I was talking to a mate earlier this week about August and its ability to make people feel a … [Read a little more...]

Go-To skincare: 3 weeks in

This is not a sponsored post...I ponied up the cold hard cash for all the products myself but wanted to share how things were going with it....3 weeks in. You'll remember a few weeks ago now I said … [Read a little more...]

A day over 39

It's true! I now look a day over 39, cause I am. Had a cracking day, simple and perfect. For a start it looked like this: I didn't do any washing or even swiff with my swiffer! You could say I … [Read a little more...]


Today it's back to the start of my annual trip around the sun. How can it be that a whole year has passed again? I always reflect on this day about what's been, where we've been, where I'm at and … [Read a little more...]

Over the Back Fence {Season 5 Ep 8}

After waaaaaay too long a break Neighbour and I are BACK! In this episode we try to explain why what we've been doing that has kept us too busy to podcast, the Olympics (of course), what annoys … [Read a little more...]

Monday meal ideas: lunch that’s not a sambo

If you're like me, I fall into bad habits during the week for lunch. I should be eating salads or omelettes or something/anything that's easy and tasty and yet? I find myself slathering pieces of … [Read a little more...]

My new favourite: fried dumplings

You know when I used to work in corporate land we used to always have a special "ladies lunch" on a Friday. Sometimes there would be wine, always a laugh and chat, perhaps a spot of shopping before we … [Read a little more...]