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Miscellaneous 61

You guys! MY LITTLE SISTER'S BABY IS DUE NEXT WEEK. I know! I am so excited! And I am sure she is too, albeit it slightly over the whole thing. Hit us up with your best labour inducing tips so she can get this baby out and I can give it a cuddle! You know what else I am excited about? … [Read a little more...]


Dinner hack

You know when you are roasting your potatoes for dinner (because inevitably I'm doing some kind of meat with 3 veg scenario) and then you know you have to cook some other bits but you would rather poke yourself in the eye than do that? I have a solution! Last night we were having some lamb chops … [Read a little more...]


Hot cushion giveaway

I don't know about you, but I have been spending a LOT of time lately thinking about everyone else. What to get for Christmas presents, notes to fill out, parties to get ready for, things to do for … [Read a little more...]


Add to cart

Because I am sharing some of the quirky things I like to do this week, I had another one I thought I would throw into the ring. It's one I have been perfecting for some time now, one simple thing that … [Read a little more...]


Keeping score

My Mum and step Dad are away at the beach for a few days and Mum sent me a photo on the weekend...her scrabble scoreboard pad that stays with their board from just before I had Harper. Pay no … [Read a little more...]

PicMonkey Collage

Monday meal ideas: mid week no brainers

With the heat and hormones over the weekend I have woken up feeling a little like my brain is fried. There are end of year things to start to go to, Christmas to think about, I am frazzled people, … [Read a little more...]



I woke up yesterday morning like this: Except instead of the penis add in a pregnant stomach. And instead of the no clothes thing, add a be-draggled mismatch of old clothes I wear to bed with … [Read a little more...]


Start a Christmas tradition: how to make a Christmas fruit cake

There's not many things I remember about my Dad's Mum, Grandma Dot, but I do remember her cooking, her laughter, her beautiful bowls, her family lunches (especially at Christmas) and her baking. OK, … [Read a little more...]